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To create anything sustainable in life, build a solid foundation

No matter what it is which you wish to build in life, ensure that it comes from a solid base, a strong foundation. It does not matter whether you are opening a business, starting a relationship, getting married, having kids, no matter how small or big it is which you are establishing and venturing on, ensure it comes from a place of stability for a long lasting, strong and healthy outcome.

If this has intrigued you then check out this video, where I dig deeper into this topic, and feel free to read the Metaphor below.

Metaphor of the building:

Let’s say you are constructing a building on an area of land, you build a beautiful building, however, eventually the building start to break here and there, so, you undergo small reparations. Yet, more and more parts of the building break and eventually the whole thing crumbles down into pieces! It turns out the base holding the building was not a solid structure, it was weak and was not capable of holding such a huge building. On top of that, many pieces which were used for the building were not in top shape, which is why parts of the building kept on crumbling before the whole things crashed down.

So now you have a collapsed building on the ground. First you need to clean up the whole mess, which will take a long time. Once the cleaning of the area is done, then you can start again. As much as you are starting from scratch, you are also starting again with experience. Now you know to ensure the foundation is strong and solid enough to hold a building. You check each piece which you use for the construction to ensure that all parts used for the building are in good shape. And eventually you have a new, beautiful, strong and solid building which will last.

This metaphor can be used for whenever you construct anything in life, a relationship, marriage, family, business, job, whatever it is. If your base (subconscious mind) is not solid and not in a good place, anything will either crumble or simply turn into a life of suffering. Which is why it is crucial to first have a strong, solid base before doing anything in life. This might also mean that we have to fully “stop” life for a while and let go of everything we have known and which is comfort to us, which is extremely hard in this society we live in, but it’s the only way to create a solid foundation to build a joyful heightened life.

As the saying goes, anything external we experience is a reflection of the internal ;)

If we as humans create something or venture onto something when our own internal foundation and base is not strong and full of things to heal, then it will crash, sooner or later and be uncomfortable not only for us but also those in our environment. So before you do anything in life, ensure you healed everything within yourself, only then can you build and create something truly long lasting and sustainable.

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel


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