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Alcohol, Al-Kuhl, Al-Ghawl, the substance designed to lower your life energy and vibration

Updated: Jan 2

There is often much more meaning behind a word than meets the eye at first glance. Let’s look at the word alcohol. Alcohol is one of the quickest ways to lower your energetic vibration. It is one of the main tools which has been used in the “mainstream society” we currently live in, to keep people from living at a high vibrational frequency and thus keeping human consciousness at a low vibrational state. More of this can be uncovered when looking behind the true functional meaning as well as the origin of the word “alcohol” and its impact on your energy.

Could it really be, that this substance is so widely spread in society with the purpose of keeping your vibrational energy low to keep collective consciousness low? Could it maybe be, that unpleasant energies take over your body when you consume alcohol? Now that’s a scary thought, but would you continue drinking if you knew all this this would happen to you? Take a plunge down the rabbit hole with me and find out more below.

The origins and meaning of the term Alcohol

Alcohol was primarily used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes originating in the middle east. Legend says, that in the 1st century, in Alexandria, Egypt which was a thriving city full of intellectuals, there was an alchemist called Maria, who discovered the process of distillation to ease separating metals. The ancient Egyptians then used this process to make cosmetics such as the kohl eyeliner as well as a treatment for infections. Following this discovery, it made its way around the rest of the world and was used for all sorts of things. (Side note: In Egypt, the eyeliner eventually caused lead infection, however with the alcohol they also found the cure – therefore, is this maybe how they stumbled upon the usage of alcohol as medicine?).

Overtime the words associated with the origin of alcohol became Al-Kuhul, Al-Kuhl, Al-Gawl and spirit. These words have a very specific meaning and show strong evidence that the substance alcohol is one which lowers your vibration, separates your own spirit from your body, allows other entities to enter your energetic field and is not one meant for consumption.

Al-Kuhl / Al-Kuhul

It is said the word alcohol, has Arabic origins and is derived from the word Al-Kuhul or Al-Kuhl literally meaning the kohl. Al in Arabian means the and Kuhl / Kuhul means coal, so Al-Kuhl originally meant the coal. This was used to describe a dark cosmetic powder for the eyelids, in other words an ancient eyeliner. Back then, it is believed that using eyeliner, protected peoples’ souls from evil spirits.

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Al-Gawl / Spirit

Al-Ghawl means spirit, to be more precise, the body eating spirit and found within the Qur’an it refers to a demon or evil spirit. It is also from this word where the English word ghoul comes from which refers to a mythical creature, meaning demon like figure, a phantom or spirit. This word is also used to express evil spirits feeding on human bodies.

The word Spirit, used to describe hard liquor is said to be derived from the word “Al-Ghawl” referring to an intoxicating demon taking over a human.

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“When consuming alcohol, you are literally removing your own soul from you body.”

What does alcohol really do to you?

In alchemy, the substance alcohol is used to extract the soul essence of a body. In medicine or any kind of field requiring absolute hygiene, it is used to sterilize materials for example. When alcohol is consumed by the human being, it does the exact same thing. It extracts the essence of the human soul.

By doing so, the energetic field surrounding your physical body breaks, becoming unbalanced and unhealthy. This causes you to (in a complete state of unawareness) open your energetic field to other entities, especially those of low vibration. No wonder you have very low and dark thoughts or toxic behaviors when consuming too much alcohol. Taking you a little step further, it is also said the fact of blacking out is where your soul has completely gone making space for any unwanted entities to “chill in your vessel”.

Remember there is a whole other world, so much more going on than you can physically see. The physical world is such a small part of all that is actually going on, and the day we can understand the metaphysical with the physical, well that will bring huge changes to our society as a whole!

It goes without saying that the consumption of alcohol is purely detrimental to every single cell and living organ within your body. There is not one positive thing about the consumption of this substance, other than the illusionary feeling of numbness and a sense of relaxation at early stages of consumption. You body, being a super intelligent self-healing mechanism tries to eliminate this substance as “waste” within the body as soon as it enters it. Says a lot about this substance.

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Alcohol lowers your vibration and energy

When consuming alcohol at first, people feel more relaxed, more carefree, yet before they know it and due to this illusionary euphoria, their vibration is completely lowered. This makes it extremely hard to live through conscious awareness. Which is in many cases also the aim of people consuming alcohol – to numb themselves, forget all their worries and not be in consciousness and awareness of life.

Alcohol is a substance which acts as pure poison for your body. It lowers the frequency your cells are vibrating on and completely unbalances your overall energy. Thus the energetic field surrounding the human body, also known as the aura around you, gets holes and cracks in it when consuming this substance.

Since everything is energy, you are composed of energy, and there is energy all around you. You can change your life experiences simply by shifting the vibration you (all your cells) vibrate on. Just like you change the station of a radio you can listen to, you can tune into different life experiences by shifting the frequency you vibrate on. When the energetic field surrounding your body has a hole in it, so if your aura has cracks in it, then energies of low vibrations can enter your energetic field with complete ease, which causes lots of damage in your waking physical experience. You can thus take on negative energies which are destructive and depressed and if you are unaware of this, if can make you think they are your energies, especially if you have little knowledge about how energy works.

Alcohol causes complete imbalance to your body, mind and soul. For what price? Well first of all you pay for the alcohol, poison yourself willingly, invite unwanted energies into your being and then you really pay mentally. For what? To fit in society, to join in on that business meeting, to numb yourself and forget everything?

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Alcohol in our society

In most parts of the world, alcohol is available to everyone. This poison is so wide spread in society, it is one of the most normal substances consumed. Alcohol is consumed everywhere in society, for it having a use at almost every social gathering, every meal, business purpose, as gifts and much more. It seems to be present everywhere, especially in social circumstances and when one does not drink alcohol yet still lives in mainstream society, one is seen as weird, or that something is wrong with them. Which once you don’t drink and start gaining an understanding of how energy works, as well as seeing beyond the illusion of what society is, you cannot believe this is a normal way of being for the human in society and start seeing the true reason why this poison is so wide-spread in society.

It is not a coincidence that alcohol can be bought everywhere, that alcohol is so glamorized and marketed so strongly by media. It is the easiest way to keep people vibrating at low frequencies in low vibrational states of being.

Most people drink on a daily basis to escape, as an outlet, to numb themselves of the lives they life. Now that’s an issue which should be addressed a little more. Instead of wanting to run away and numb yourself, from the lives which have been created in society, how about we start to try to bring a new way of being for the human in society? One where no outlet is needed?

It is true when you still interact with society, yet lead a conscious lifestyle, interaction gets more and more difficult, but some people have to plant seeds here and there right 😉 When you don’t drink, people in society will immediately think something is wrong with you, or that you are weird as there is a negative connotation around not drinking alcohol. Remember, this is merely years of indoctrinated belief systems imposed on people, and this too, as we rise collectively in consciousness, will eventually change. On another note, these interactions will not occur too often, as when you shift the vibration in your body, your outer experiences shift too. Meaning if you stay away from alcohol and environments where alcohol is spread, your body will naturally navigate away from these surroundings as these places energetically vibrate at a frequency different to the one you are vibrating on.

With the original use of alcohol being for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, as well as there being strong evidence that alcohol is a substance which lowers your human vibration and messes with your overall well being, there might be a great meaning behind the glamorization of alcohol in western society. Thankfully, it is your free choice what you do with this information.

Simply know, every drop of alcohol in your body lowers your vibration. And we are nothing more than energy, frequency and vibration. In the end of the day, everybody is in charge of their own life, and as much as we are all connected around the world and everybody’s actions has a collective reaction, the most important thing we can do in this society is to accept everyone the way they are and where they currently are on their path of evolution. So share the awareness and knowledge by subtly planting seeds and stay away as much as you can from low vibrational environments.

As a general rule, whenever you rise in level of consciousness, your body will automatically require different things. Not just no more alcohol but also different environments, not bothered with fancy dinners anymore, no clubs, you merely have different interests.

If you wish to vibrate higher, be full of loving energy, try consuming consciously. Not only to be conscious about not consuming alcoholic beverages and foods, but being really conscious about everything you put into and onto your body. Be conscious of how and where items are grown and made, as these items become you once you consume them. Be conscious of what you do when interacting in society, share your perspectives, confuse a few people and plant a seed here and there.

I will end this article, by once again highlighting that you and you alone, are in charge of the way you live and the energy you exert into this world. By growing in awareness of how you live and who you are, your choices change and the way you experience life changes. When you live a life where you fuel your unique gorgeous physical vessel with high vibrational substances, your life experience will change beyond your imagination!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel



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