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To BE or not to BE conscious

To be conscious merely means to be aware about the life you are living.

The discussion about the collective consciousness is currently a super-heated topic, especially in regards to science all the way to spirituality. I like finding simple explications with no labels on them. Merely expressing an observation. So here is my observation on being conscious.

“Only because we cannot see it, doesn’t mean it does not exist” Isabel Buchbinder

Now reading that quote, before you turn away, let me ask you one question, do you sometimes get hunches in life? You have a feeling about something or someone? Well you can’t see that, but you feel it right? You can’t deny that deep down within you, you know there is more to life than meets the eye, but you never explored to deeply into it, because, well being a part of western society this is not something “successful and sane people" discuss. Welcome to my page, I’m a member of western society who for too many years conformed to the “ideals” demonstrated in this society. Life gave me some experiences which I have used as an opportunity to learn more about life, so here is the perspective of consciousness in simple terms, from “a business girl gone wild”.

Awareness and Consciousness, what’s the exact difference?

So what does it mean being conscious? Does it mean being awake? Aware? Alive? All of it. Currently, I describe it as being aware of what is going on around you and taking actions more thoughtfully listening to your intuition.

Let’s take a look at one of the fundamental basics of the human being, food. Regarding food for example, being conscious, is not about being vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, ethical etc. It’s a mix of all of those “labelled categories” and doing what feels right to you. Know where your food and drink comes from. Where it is sourced. How it is treated regardless what type of food or drink we are talking about: meat, fish, milk, fruits, vegetables, water, seeds, alcohol. Since everything has consciousness, different substances can either elevate your being or bring you down. For example, an apple can bring you down if it is guarded in a warehouse and sprayed with a lot of chemicals before you eat it. An apple coming from a farmer who, as bizarre as it sounds, plays music to the apples and doesn’t spray it with chemicals will elevate you a lot! Think about that.

We only have all these labels, because in our western society, we have not understood, or at least forgotten that we are all way to individual to generalise things and by now 2020 it is more than obvious that these generalisations which once did work, are no longer are applicable!

I’m not a fan of doing things where I fall into a category labelled by society, it seems beyond absurd to me. That’s where I become a fan of the expression “be conscious, live consciously”. When you put labels on things, you are repeating the mistake we keep on making in society, creating new categories for groups of people to fall in. Its such bullsh*t, excuse my French. Simply be aware of yourself, know yourself, listen to yourself and live consciously.

Understanding about self-consciousness is to understand about yourself, listening to your intuition and start acting upon what you feel could elevate your overall well-being and way of living, regardless of what is going on around you and what others tell you. Every single one of us is different and what feels right to one individual is unique and different to any other individual.

To live consciously, you’ve got to work with your intuition. To truly listen to your intuition, you’ve got to be in harmony with your mind, body and soul. There is only one way to be in harmony with yourself, and that is to heal. To heal from all the bullsh*t in your life which weighs you down, anything which doesn’t feel light and correct to you. In most cases, this requires you get extremely honest and real with yourself, your past and who you truly are. And this requires you to look at the relationship you have with your ego. Is your ego dominating you? Have years of “inhuman” treatment in this world, made your build up an ego which is now controlling your actions? Or are you fully “conscious” about your ego?

Already touching onto another topic here, I will let you ponder on these questions.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder


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