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Bisse du Torrent-Neuf de Savièse | Valais, Switzerland

The bisses of the Valais also known as the bisses du Torrent-Neuf de Savièse are historic irrigation channels giving you a spectacular scenic journey alongside with different paths alongside the cliffs. These bisses have been walked since 500 years ago and go for a good 4 km making it a 2-3 hour journey. Immerse yourself in nature, history and culture!

Built in the beginning of the 15th Century, this location is one visited for many years due to its natural beauty. Below you will find a walk-through video of the bisses (in mid-October)

For a couple of hours you walk along beautiful different paths right next to the cliffs. This allows you to have some spectacular scenery of the valley of Valais!

Since the path has been reconstructed a couple of time, you now have a path consisting of rock and wood. At certain points you will see how this path used to be in the past and can still see some original structures at certain areas.

There are about 5 different bridges you will come across and one tunnel making it quite the adventure!

At the end of the path, you will come across a cute chalet which is open only on the weekends, so if you go during the week feel free to simply enjoy the surroundings at the end of the path.


∞ Free access

∞ Parking near by

∞ Open between beginning July and end of October

∞ Chalet is open only on the weekends

∞ Situated in the Valleys of Valais

∞ Official website:

Walking along the Bise de Savièse du Torrent-Neuf is an incredible adventure! Being completely immersed in nature and so high up at the edge of the cliffs gives you truly spectacular views and you will leave this place feeling completely revitalized and energized. Nature truly is the place which increases our energy and this location is a great one to do so!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel

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