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5 Steps to break free from repeating life patterns!

Updated: Jan 2

Let’s have a look at something affecting most of us, repeating life patterns in different areas of our lives. Understanding why similar situations repeat themselves, what they are trying to teach us and learning how we can once and for all break these patterns using 5 simple steps!

What are repeating life situations and why do they happen?

Let’s have a look at repeating patterns in different life areas. It can be anything, a reoccurring habit louring back in after you thought you broke it. A new relationship where it feels like you are dating the same person just in a different body, re-occurring issues with family members, work colleagues or friends, whatever it is, certain life situations keep on repeating themselves. For the sake of this article I will not go into detail regarding one specific life area and address repeating life patterns from a general perspective.

Repeating patterns do not happen by coincidence. Looking at life from the perspective that all experiences which we have, here on this “earth school” allow us to grow as souls. Thus, repeating patterns are merely lessons which can be seen as an opportunity for us to evolve and grow.

We associate our value, worth, what’s right and wrong, what we accept and tolerate, how we let ourselves be treated by others based on our conditioning, our environment and the way we grew up. This being in relationships, in work situations, in friendships, with our families, pretty much any situation involving interaction with others.

When we grew up in a way which caused some damage on a subconscious level, if we have deep traumas and leave them unaddressed or certain conditioned limiting belief systems which do not serve our highest well-being, we will experience similar life circumstances trying to get our attention to a deeper underlying issue (within our subconscious mind). Basically, the reoccurring external situation is trying to get our attention so that we focus within and change this internal limiting structure and thus break the pattern.

What are these repeating patterns teaching us?

There is this beautiful saying, "don't bleed on those who didn't hurt you". Meaning, heal yourself first before entering a relationship. To be honest this saying really applies to all kinds of life situations, heal yourself before undergoing any new life adventure, whether that being a relationship, a business or friendship. Once you heal your subconscious limitations and traumas, you no longer repeat patterns and that's when you will start attracting life situations which are most suitable for your highest well being and will put you in a more heightened state of life!

You cannot control the external occurrences happening. Most of life’s situations are happenings which are mirroring something we have to solve within ourselves. When we cannot control the outer circumstance, especially when it is a situation which we have thought to have mastered, once it reoccurs this is our chance to change something, merely by RESPONDING differently. All that matters is your reaction, in other words your "non-reaction".

The spiral effect

Often, when addressing situations which keep on happening, people speak about “repeating cycles” but the natural order of things are in spirals. Therefore, repeating situations do keep on occurring, and as much as it seems that you are going in circles you are actually going in a spiral. Each time you are moving up the spiral and each time through free will you can choose how you respond to a situation and thus what external actions you take. You are literally going up the spiral until you have completely mastered the lesson.

Life will keep on repeating the same situation through different circumstances until we have learnt the lesson” Isabel

Sometimes once we think we mastered a certain pattern, often life will test us by sending us exactly the same repeating situation or person to see if we have learnt the lesson and if we now react differently, or even better, not react at all.

So, you can see reoccurring patterns as life nudging you showing you “X is an underlying issue which is something you have to address” and no matter how much you push it away, you will constantly be confronted by it until you learn your lesson. Then life will continuously test you to see if you have learnt your lesson. Following this you break free from this reoccurring pattern and are no longer confronted by it.

Let’s break those repeating patterns in FIVE EASY STEPS!

All kind of repeating life patterns, show how you have a limiting belief within your subconscious mind. As mentioned above, this is caused through conditioning in your early years as well as different traumatic life experiences.

  1. The first step in breaking any repeating life pattern, is to become aware of them, realising that something is repeating itself.

  2. The second step is observing the situation and not reacting.

  3. The third step is identifying what lesson this is trying to teach us.

  4. The fourth step is accepting the situation, integrating and healing and letting it go. Sometimes we need to integrate something into our own lives (something we have lacked within us) and sometimes it is purely about letting go (of old belief systems) in order to break the pattern.

  5. The fifth step is life testing you again with the repeating pattern to see if you learnt the lesson and have fully let go.

To sum up, if there is any situation you currently find yourself in and are noticing this is a repeating pattern, but are not happy with the situation and wish to change it, just use those simple five steps and see what you can learn or let go of, so that you can gracefully continue evolving through your human experience.

The most important thing is, to be gentle with yourself, especially once you start to notice repeating patterns happening, it's already a great thing if you are merely aware of it. That’s a big step! Being aware of a certain pattern repeating allows us to consciously observe the matter, find out the underlying message or life lesson is, then profoundly look at what this message is trying to teach you, take the "healing approaches" needed, learn the lesson for good and eventually break the pattern.

So now you can move ahead, trying to bring awareness into your every-day life and actions and start breaking patterns by reacting differently and improve your life experience to the max!

We are generation change!

Yours truly,

© Isabel


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