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CRYING | Wear your tears proudly

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

There are moments in life, where we completely break down and cry. Then there are moments where we see something so beautiful and cry. We all have these moments and should not be ashamed of it. This makes us human. It does not even matter, if something big and traumatic happened, sometimes it can even be old traumas we did not heal rising to the surface and sometimes merely because we are empathic and feel for others.

Often we are told not to cry and that we have to be strong and stop being so emotional, stop being so sensitive. This is not healthy! The point I am putting forward in this article is to have a closer look at what crying actually is and that crying is not something to be ashamed of, and this is a concept yet to be adopted in western society.

What is crying?

We cry when we are “emotional” right. Whether we are upset (angry or sad for example) in physical pain , stressed or even simply relieved. There are so many reasons why beings cry.

Emotions are energy in motion. Therefore, tears are merely the transformation of energy from an emotional state to a physical state. That is it. Think about that, your emotions are so strong they transform into physical matter. That needs to be released, imagine what “dis-ease” that can cause to your body internally when bottling that up.

When this kind of energy is bottled up inside of you year after year, it can have detrimental effects on your overall well-being, and eventually you will have to face everything you bottled up anyways.

In western society

In a society where crying is a form of weakness, it is expected of you to be on top of your game and have your “sh*t” together at all times! And if you cry too much you are labeled as over sensitive and too emotional (as if that’s a bad thing, western society seriously needs more sensitive people).

But all you are doing, is keeping your emotions and feelings bottled up inside of you.

One day they will catch up and they will be released. Do remember any emotional pain which is not resolved will eventually turn into physical pain. That’s why many people go through shock situations, so drastically they flip your life upside down. These are situations which change your life, which get you to look at all your wounds and traumas and pains which you were told you “have to keep for you” and which you “cannot show and express” as it is seen as weakness.

Let’s change this. We are human, we all cry, we feel emotions, and it is not weakness to show and express this. Crying is often a stress reliever and many people in western society are constantly stressed! It is strength, to stand up to how you feel and be able to share that in the given moment regardless of the circumstances, who you are with or where you are.

The world we live in can be so ugly towards highly sensitive people and those who strongly feel energies, known as empaths. For them to be told to keep their true feelings inside will be detrimental for them one day.

So please, cry, let out how you truly feel and wear your tears proudly. You are human.

By the end of this article, I want you to feel like it is completely okay to cry. No matter where you are. You don’t have to be alone in your room. If you want to cry in the streets, do that, if you want to cry in an office do that, if you want to cry in the train go for it! Does not matter who you are in society or what “position of power” you think you may hold, if you have to cry, cry! And show this to other people, don’t be embarrassed. We all have to cry, the more of us become humble about this, the more it will be accepted as a normal thing to do.


In western society, it seems that nowadays, women can get away with an occasional tear here and there, simply because women are still seen as the weaker sex. But for many men still, it doesn’t seem that this would be “socially accepted”. What utter bullsh*t! Aren’t men and women both human?

In current times we can also see a global increase in “empathic” people. These people are highly sensitive and feel the pain of those around them. Trust me, these people need to transform the energy of the pain they feel into physical manifestation, through tears, in order to deal with their level of empathy.

A study actually showed that both 50% of all men and women have a heightened sensitivity also known as being extremely empathetic. Most of these men and women unfortunately don’t allow their feelings to be released, therefore don’t cry and transform this, often into some other emotional energy else such as anger. Could explain why there are so many angry people in our western world, because they are actually over sensitive people who do not accept themselves and allow themselves to fully express their true emotions due to societies labels.

To conclude, I would like to encourage you, if you have to cry, cry, because if you don’t this will accumulate and eventually turn into something bigger. It’s merely for your own well-being. Let your feelings out and know that this does not make you crazy or over sensitive, it makes you a strong human being who respects themselves and will not allow societies labels to push your true feelings aside. That requires strength my friends!

Here is the confirmation, if you need to cry, cry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with crying! The only people who will judge you are those who are incapable of opening up to their true selves!

We are generation change!

Yours truly,

© Isabel Silvia


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