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Atlantis was an ancient civilization prior to the last Ice Age

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Around the world, there are structures which have been built thousands of years ago, which are still getting people to question, how they were built, what they were used for and who built them. More and more constructions are emerging from the water, and since there is about 70% of water unexplored who knows how many more discoveries we can find in this element. And let’s not forget all that which is still hidden under the ice as well as the numerous areas around the world, which have been blocked off from being explored. Next to physical evidence there are legends and tales about human origins from around the world in different cultures which speak of similar happenings suggesting that an ancient civilization, a much more advanced one than ours, had been residing on this planet prior to the last ice age. All of these stories and structures seem to lead me to back to one common factor, the story of Atlantis. What if, Atlantis is simply the name given to the planet this ancient civilization (our ancestors) lived on once, the same planet our civilization now calls Earth? Looking through the glass, at physical evidence and legends around the world from different cultures as well as the tale of Atlantis itself, read on to make up your own mind and to find out if our civilization is on the brink of extinction, where history is repeating itself once again.

The legend of Atlantis in a nutshell

The civilization of Atlantis shows much reference to an ancient civilization where people used advanced technology and one which could have been taking place before the last ice age, before the civilization as we have known it.

The story goes that there was an ancient civilization, technologically extremely advanced, living in harmony with all its people, with animals and nature. An ideological way of life. (The picture below is a typical image associated with this advanced civilization). They knew how to work with planets, they had deep awareness of energy. The energetic field around the planet, around each human being as well as the understanding of how to manipulate this energy to serve all of humanity. A very wise civilization where all living beings and nature lived in harmony. It is said they lived somewhere here, on the planet (which we call earth today) and were at one point governed by unconditional love, which allowed them to use this advanced technology for the good of all people, beings and nature.

Eventually egos developed, power and greed developed amongst those who had extreme power. This lead to selfish decisions, a separation between nature and living beings, using the knowledge of energy for selfish acts. Eventually harmony between living beings and nature no longer existed. This impacted not only all people and beings and how they functioned as a society, but also nature including strong damage exerted onto nature. And as it is the way of nature, once too much damage has been done, nature revolts.

A natural catastrophe came over the planet, through meter showers causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis swallowing masses of land and cities. Nature basically showed the human being how powerful she really is and by not being in harmony and causing damage to nature, nature answered. Very quickly the planet as it was known was gone. It became inhabitable. Land which was above grown was now under water and vice versa, the destruction was so great almost nothing was left over except for a few beings. After this natural catastrophe came the ice age. Following the ice age came our civilization, on what we call “earth” today.

…This is where the “legend” often ends, however in my opinion, ending the story here is like closing a book mid-way through saying this is the end, when half of the book is left unfinished, the interesting half, the one revealing the actual story. After years of research, the story continues…

The story goes on that there were few survivors, and these hid in underground cities which they previously had built as they knew this natural catastrophe was coming. There are various underground caves and structures, even cities to be found all around the world, such as Turkey, Malta, Egypt, Iraq and many more serving as a habitat to survive an inhabitable surface layer of the planet. However, most of these sights are kept strictly forbidden to enter. (On a side note, look at the amount of subterranean spaces being used today, underground cities being built and the numerous ones having been built in the 20th century… why would a civilization much more advanced than ours, have done any differently?)

It is then said that the surviving ancients got out from underground and went around the world to share their teachings in how to construct new monuments to serve humanity. These monuments were aligned with astrological significance, using the energy surrounding in the magnetic field to harness energy for physical use, the kind of free energy which was created by Nikola Telsa with the Wardenclyffe Tower in the 20th century. These are the structures you see around the world today, the Pyramids in Egypt, Chichen Itza Mayan Temples in Mexico, Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, Megalithic temples of Malta such as the Gigantica and Hagar Qim, Moai in the Easter Islands, Israel, Iran, Syria, India, numerous Greek islands such as Crete, hidden pyramids of China and the list goes on and on. So many different ancient cultures all speak of “gods visiting them” giving them new tools and knowledge as well as assistance on the constructions built. These gods were no other people than their own ancestors, the survivors of the time of planet Atlantis.

For many years, researches, explorers and truth seekers have been on a hunt to find Atlantis speculating its whereabouts. What if, Atlantis is in all of these locations? Because Atlantis was the whole planet we today call Earth.

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Physical evidence around the world

To gain a better understanding of all of this, it is useful to have a look at the true historical origins of human evolution coming from different cultures as well as through analyzing discoveries made in explorations at different places around the world at different times.

Egyptian Pyramids, Maltese Megaliths, constructions around different European Islands, the Bimini roads underwater, hidden under the Antarctic Ice and the list continues. There are so many unexplained structures which have been found in various parts of the world, all sparkling the same curiosity amongst archeologists and explorers, contradicting mainstream history. Every now and then there is a new monument found in already explored locations such as Egypt, Syria, Israel etc. reinforcing the unknown mystery. With water levels shifting, monuments and pyramids which have been underwater are being highlighted and thus causing for more unanswered questions. Not only on land or underwater but also that which lies under the Ice in Antarctica makes some question everything.

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Pyramids of Giza

It is said Egyptian gods were Atlanteans who came to the Egyptians and taught them how to construct buildings serving their civilization as well as having shared advanced knowledge. Meaning, Atlantean survivors remaining on the planet helped the new human civilization build monuments and temples to serve humanity. Thus, the great pyramids of Giza as well as other pyramids found around the world, served as a “source of energy” rather than the story told in mainstream society, that one of being merely a tomb. When used correctly, such a structure provides free energy for all. A new attempt of creating such a source of energy took place in the 20th century, by one of the most intelligent people of our civilization, Nikola Tesla, who created the Wardenclyffe Tower which had the same functions as the pyramid of Giza.

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The origin of the new era of consciousness on the planet was said to be stored in the limestone temples around Malta. According to Plato, it is said that Malta was a central point of Atlantis. Research states that the different temples on the island served to store energy coming from the sun in the limestone these temples are constructed of, which was then used on an energetic spectrum, to raise the collective consciousness on the planet. Read more about the findings in Malta here.

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Islands around Spain & Greece & Cyprus

Numerous findings of structures underwater and around Portuguese, Spanish, Greek islands and Cyprus have led many researches to believe the origin of Atlantis lies within one of these locations. Such as the Azores, Ibiza, Crete and many more.

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Under water - Bimini road and pyramids in the ocean

A road of about 1km of limestone bricks is found under water at the Bimini Islands. Constantly, new underwater monuments are discovered and simply written off by mainstream historians to be natural formations, even the most unnatural structures.

Since 70% of what is underwater remains unexplored, before we continue going into space, how about we look at what we currently have - our gorgeous oceans, from which we can learn so much and uncover the truth about our history and human origin.

© 11. Binimi road | Bahamas

Under the Ice - Antarctica

Mysterious pyramids, structures and underground terrains are said to have been found in Antarctica. With the ice melting, new structures are visible from above and the fact that it is extremely hard to explore in Antarctica, not due to the difficulty of exploring in ice, but for political reasons make it really questionable what is going on there.

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Around the 1930s Nazis were exploring the Antarctic continent in depth and until today, their findings remain full of speculation and mystery making it questionable what really was discovered back then.

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Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. explorer and American naval officer between the late 1800s and 1950s was a respected man in society who made various explorations to Antarctica. A diary documenting one of his last exhibitions to Antarctica shows him exploring a magnificent tropical paradise like area which he found by going under the ice caps in Antarctica. You can find his book here.

Now this is still only a story, however coming from someone who was very respected in society and since back in the 1950s it was not socially favorable to speak of anything going against the “systems beliefs” gives his story quite some credibility. Also, ironically, following his last expedition to Antarctica in the 1950s American troops have ever since occupied parts of the land alongside other nations.

© 14. Richard Byrd

There are some scientific bases on Antarctica, yet unless you are a scientist or researcher, good luck getting on that land. There is one touristic tour which takes you to visit some ice caps on a boat, but that’s about as far as you can explore. Whenever anything is cut off from “society” and protected by military organizations you know something is up, so what is truly hidden in Antarctica? The whole continent of Antarctica is one which still has to be explored in more depth and with more liberty. The different theories and stories from history and explorers remain fascinating and with more ice melting more structures being apparent, just like much under the water, it will bring new truths about history to light.

Legends and tales from different historical cultures

In different cultures over time, you hear of similar incidents regarding happenings of the origin of humanity and the world. Some say first Lemurians inhabited this planet, then Atlanteans and now Earthlings? Legends and stories found around the world, from ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato, the Yuga cycles found in Hinduism culture, ancient Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians and so on, have such similar tales about the true origins of history. All being in different locations around the world, how come they all have such similar stories?

Anunnaki, Mesopotamia, Sumerians

The story goes that the Anunnaki were a foreign species living on another planet Nibiru, who needed gold reserves in order to fuel their planet. 500’000 thousand years ago they found planet earth full of gold reserves and so they created a “human species” derived from their own DNA as a “slave race” to work on the gold mines, on planet earth, for the Anunnaki. Very soon this “human slave race” revolted (as they came from the Anunnaki and were quite intelligent). So, the Anunnaki wiped this race out and created another human slave race, one which is less intelligent and would not revolt. Nowadays, there are ancient gold mines in many areas found in different countries in ancient Mesopotamia which is now modern-day Iraq, Syria and Turkey as well as in different countries on the African continent.

As the Sumerians are the oldest classified human species, there is physical evidence which shows the Anunnaki were seen as gods by the Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia.

Since ancient Mesopotamia is known as one of the earliest civilizations and the Sumerians were known ancestors, maybe there is some truth about the Anunnaki. Maybe the Anunnaki were no other people than the ancient civilization of Atlantis bringing the ancient knowledge to the new humans?

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In Plato’s writings he mentions an island which was inhabited by an advanced civilization using advanced technology, which however got destroyed and was sunken by a huge flood which came over the planet. In his writing “Timaeus” and “Critias” Plato described Atlantis as a huge island being greater than any other continent. So maybe, this lost continent, was no continent but the whole planet itself?

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The Yuga cycle in Hinduism Culture

In Hinduism it is said that a “Yuga” which means "age" in Sanskrit, is a cycle of life. In this belief it is said there are 4 cycles: Krita Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. Each of these last about a million years each and are reset through a natural catastrophe which wipes out everything on the planet. It is also said the 4th cycle, the Kali Yuga is the worst out of all four and it is the one we currently live in.

There is the believe human civilization goes through a continuous cycle of construction and destruction until the civilization has learnt to live in harmony. So, for as many times as needed until we as a whole, have managed to live in unconditional love, in harmony with all that is, humans, animals, plants and working together with nature, we will restart again and again until this is accomplished.

What is detrimental to the survival of the human species is ignorance and separation from the internal world as well as from each other. If this is actually the case then nature destroys everything created in order to restart again. If this might be the case, lets learn from our past, be humble to accept all our wrong doings, and start doing our inner work for humanity to prevent having to start again.

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People have said Atlantis is under Antarctica, is underwater in Bermuda, is in Malta. I say yes. It is in all these places as the planet before the last ice age was called Atlantis.

There are many locations around the world still left unexplored with so much history and evidence to be uncovered. All that which lies underwater, all those restricted areas and even warzone areas where evidence is ongoingly being demolished. And instead of trying to go out of space, let’s stay on this planet and look within. In our oceans, under our land, in the mountains, there are worlds to be uncovered! Equally, there is much proof coming from conscious archaeologists, scientists or researchers for whom it has been extremely hard getting their findings approved, when it does not fit into this fictionally created box in society.

In the end of the day, why does it even matter whether we uncover the mystery of Atlantis? And whether the was an advanced ancient civilization? For one simple reason, so we, as a society can learn from the past and not make the same repeating mistake. So we can know the truth, and prepare a better future based on a true past.

If there is a natural catastrophe which strikes once humanity has ruined the planet enough, well then this is something to strongly consider. Let’s say there is this connection between humanity, all living beings and nature, as a society as a whole we have strongly lost touch with this connection and are having ego dominated, greed and power actions ruling. However, hope remains, as simultaneously, there are so many people around the world who will not stop spreading the truth, living in harmony and connection with nature and all living beings, doing our part. As always, you too have this choice.

And in the end of the day, who knows what is actually true? We can merely research, learn, observe and explore to form our own opinion. Ultimately, we will never know for sure what really was or even what really is, but what we can trust for sure, is our own gut instinct. So be curious, question everything you know and explore, research and learn for yourself. Only through seeing things ourselves, feeling locations in our own physical presence that’s when we can truly learn.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel

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