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Everything is Energy and so are you!

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

We live in a quantum field of energy and everything around us is energy, vibrating on different frequencies, hence the saying “everything is energy, vibration and frequency”.

The more you are conscious about what is in your life, so in your environment, as well as what you put into your body, the more you can elevate the frequency you (your cells) are vibrating at and thus create a better life experience for yourself. That’s where the expression comes from you make your own reality.

Energy is a fascinating topic, because we cannot see it, yet we can feel it. In this article I will explore how energy is expressed in quantum physics, spiritual terms and in everyday communication. From looking at a perspective of what energy is, to how you are energy itself and how we are all connected. With a little insight into how energy is used in our environment, as well as how food & water is influenced and influences us, the human being. And to finish of, I will show how everything is interlinked and how you can change your life by understanding energy.

Different expressions of what energy is

Speaking in scientific terms, energy is something which cannot be destroyed nor created. It simply is there. And it has allowed humanity to create light, heat or electricity for example.

Energy is vastly explored in physics, quantum physics to be precise, but scientists are very limited with proving theories about how energy influences the human due to “regulations”.

Albert Einstein stated “everything in life is vibration” and Nikola Tesla, the somewhat forgotten smartest scientist of the 20th century, stated that to understand the universe you have to think in vibration, frequency and energy. He also claimed “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” Nikola Tesla

Looking at spiritual energy, not speaking about religions, because every religion is based on a spiritual concept, but in most forms of spiritual discussions, energy is expressed as a non-physical source which impacts how we live and what kind of life we have. Thus, can we create our own reality based on understanding the concept of energy and how to manipulate it?

When speaking of energy in everyday communication, I’m sure you’ve heard or even used the expression “you have a great vibe” or “that person has such positive or negative energy” these are all terms using something we “feel” rather than something we can see, and more and more people are coming to the realization there is a lot more going on affecting our life than meets the eye.

You are energy

Just like there is a magnetic field surrounding planet earth, there is a magnetic field surrounding the human being. This allows each individual to vibrate at a certain frequency and attract into your life different experiences and people which resonate with the frequency you are vibrating at.

Since we are all energy, living life vibrating on a certain frequency, changing the frequency you vibrate on will also change the way you experience life and what and who you attract into your life. In effect, you have the opportunity to live the life you truly desire once you understand how to manipulate the frequency you vibrate on and not allow the outer environment to influence this for you. This is done through what exists in your environment this being people, media any information coming at you or even what you put into your body, foods and liquids.

We are all connected

After profoundly researching energy in all sorts of different forms of expression, it is hard to reject the fact that we are all connected through energy. There is energy which connects us humans, animals, plants and anything in this world. This lets us have profound connections which we cannot understand through physical explanation but rather through feeling and allows us to gain a deeper understanding about the world, ourselves and the connections we have with certain people and places for example.

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Whatever exists in your environment is going to impact your energetic field and thus influence your emotional state of being and can therefore impact your subconscious mind, the way you think, act and are. So be careful who you allow in your environment, this being friends, family, strangers, anybody.

Food and Liquid is energy vibrating at a certain frequency

Whatever you ingest into your body has a vibrational frequency of energy. Therefore, what you put into your body will result in you vibrating at a certain frequency.

Example water

The Japanese scientist Masuru Emoto not only wrote a book but also crated expositions around the world proving the molecular change in water when water is given different information through words. Which not only shows that water has different vibrational energy, but that words have the power to change the vibrational energy. Since the molecules of water can be altered, when ingesting these into your body, they can alter the frequency you are vibrating at. So make sure to drink energized and high vibrational water.

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Example fruit and vegetables

It is said fruits and vegetables are healthy. Not necessarily, this too depends where you source them from. If fruits and vegetables are grown in a warehouse they most likely contain low frequency energy. When fruits and vegetables are consciously grown, meaning no chemicals are sprayed on them, the crops are growing due to the cycle of nature and they are cared for in an uplifting manner ( such as speaking well to them or even playing music to them) they will have such high nutrients and high vibrational molecular components. Thus eating fruits and vegetables which are fresh and local and treated so well will enhance the quality of the fruit and vegetable. Out of experience I can assure this!

Example alcohol

Speaking of drinks not only can we influence what we consume as proven by Masuru Emoto but what we consume can already be influenced. I could speak about various items but I will quickly mention alcohol here. Alcohol is of low frequency which puts people in a state where your energy is very vulnerable, thus you can attract “negative” energies into your being which can influence you tremendously. Don’t get me wrong, of course we all know alcohol brings out who you truly are by core, eliminating all filters within you, but on an energetic level it actually lowers the frequency at which your cells vibrate at. So if you wish to have a more uplifting experience of life and raise your consciousness, stay away from alcohol, there’s a reason it is so widely consumed and glamorized in society.

Example meat

Let’s say you eat meat. If an animal being killed in a slaughter house dies with the last impulse of the cells feeling fear, then this is the “energy” which the meat holds. Of course, the meat will be processed but the cells have memory and their last vibrational frequency is that of fear. Once you ingest this, then this will become a part of your body. Because that’s essentially what happens to food, you the human being have the power to transform food into you, your human body.

That’s why eating consciously sourced food means eating food which is not treated chemically, grown naturally and where its cells have a high vibrational frequency.

Ideally to raise your frequency it would be to eat food from local farmers who grow their food naturally and consuming types of foods which have a high vibrational frequency energy.

Understanding energy can allow you to change your life

Everything is so connected, that the current state of the planet is a perfect representation of how humanity is doing as a whole. Completely disconnected, destructive and is in serious need of a wakeup call, hence the situation we have been experiencing since 2020. The world is so sick because humanity is so sick and has completely lost its way and forgotten the basics of our existence, that we ourselves are energy and are all connected through energy.

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Energy is put forward in many different areas in our life, merely expressed in a different way of communication. Energy in the scientific realm, energy in spirituality or energy in different cultures over time. One thing can be agreed on, energy is everywhere.

It is explored in different ways all around the world and one day, maybe in 50, 500 or 5000 years we might understand we all know nothing, but we can feel something, beyond our current understanding, something which you can’t explain but merely feel. That’s energy. There is so much more than the eye can see and the day science and spirituality come together, is the day we will make evolutionary changes in our world.

In the end of the day we are all connected not just between us humans, but all living and breathing things as well as with this earth. Once we become aware of this and act more consciously, we truly have the power to change our own lives which in effect will change the collective.

Everything is connected through something we cannot see but feel.

We are generation change!

Enjoy & Yours truly





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