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Have you heard of Earthing? Improve your wellbeing by standing barefoot in nature!

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Earthing also known as grounding is the simple act of standing still, barefoot on the ground and has profound effects for your overall wellbeing. Now if you are asking yourself how could standing barefoot on the ground improve my wellbeing? Have a read through this article and you just might want to go outside and go do some earthing right now 😉

Energetic transaction between mother nature and your body

Everything is energy and energy only transforms, it never disappears. Since we live in a quantum field of energy there is a lot of energetic transaction going on, on the planet itself and with us humans.

The earth is electrically charged and by walking barefoot on earth you balance out the electrons in your body, so the earth gives you the minus or positive you need to balance out the energy within you.

To maximize this effect, stand on earth as we are literally absorbing these electrons into our bodies through our feet.

Try standing on the ground barefoot for 20 minutes!

It's such a challenge, to just stand still, maybe next to a tree or just a vast field and not move your feet, not even lift them up or down, just stand still. This is so beneficial for your overall wellbeing and it completely balances out the energies within you. Try it and see for yourself!

What health benefits come from earthing?

∞ Reduces inflammation

∞ Reduces chronic pain

Have you experienced constant pain for many years of your life? You’ve seen various doctors of all sorts and nothing has gotten this pain away? Often, it’s the simple things in life we often forget to do which make all the difference. Might as well give earthing a try😉

The Earthing documentary

If you are interested in learning more about earthing you can find plenty of articles online and there is also an interesting documentary made giving you detailed insight into earthing and its benefits. Check out the trailer here: or watch the full documentary for free on their website:

Lets reconnect with Nature!

It’s so important for us human beings to be much more intact with nature and work with nature instead of against it. It’s about learning from nature again, and reconnecting with it, because in the end of the day we are all connected, one huge big thing split into diverse living beings or forms.

So let's allow our bodies to heal from nature. Nature has everything the human body needs in order to heal. As the saying goes there is a plant or natural medicine available for any type of ailment.

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel




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