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Hotel Marta standing for a positive impact on society | Zürich, Switzerland

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hotel Marta, one of the pioneers of the 20th Century in Europe for female social engagement has turned their popular destination into short term residence as well as workspaces.

A successful business is one having a positive impact on society!

Located in the heart of the old town in Zürich it is a hotel with a rich history of over 130 years where historic architecture meets modern design. It was the Swiss Architect Werner Stücheli, who also set the architectural tone in the city of Zürich who in 1958 renovated the hotel, back then known as Marthahouse. Today Hotel Marta has celebrated their 10 year anniversary as an official hotel and despite having been renovated again some timeless pieces of the original architecture such as the spiral staircase can still be seen today. Over the years it has been a very popular destination by tourists due to its attractive location and affordability.

Hotel Marta, just like all other hotels was hit by the pandemic due to the economic effect on the tourism industry. Since the hotel is a social integration enterprise for women, management decided to come up with an idea to keep the business going.

Located in the center of the old town in Zürich with breathtaking views over the city, the hotel offers 39 rooms, as short term residence, as well as workspaces. Firstly until end of December available to rent on a weekly basis or even longer and their strategy is one which can be seen as an example within the hotel industry.

Pioneer in Europe for Social Engagement & Hotel Marta’s incredible history

In 1888 the Marthahouse was founded by the Zürich Women society to provide a safe place to stay for traveling girls and women as well as women who were in rough situations. The Marthahouse would provide affordable accommodation and also help women find work.

With some organizational changes overtime, 10 years ago 5 women created the non profit organization Frauenhotel AG”. This organization runs 4 hotels (3 in Zürich and 1 in Lausanne) and aims to provide work as well as training for women with difficult backgrounds, renting rooms to women who are in crisis and highlighting employment diversity.

Some of the organizations hotels' are purely for women but Hotel Marta is open for everybody and their engagement is having a complete female team.


Room Prices: CHF120.- / night

Including: Wifi and breakfast

Address: Zähringerstrasse 36, 8001 Zürich

Telephone: +44 269 95 95

Hotel Marta is one of the hotels putting forward that a successful business is one contributing to having a positive impact on society!

Not only is Hotel Marta providing an incredible humane service yet they really put forward the "human" in business and put in place a strategy which is good for their business and employees yet equally helping out international members of society. It is beautiful to see women support each other as well as help those in difficult situations and it is in times of need, such as the current pandemic, that creative new ways of doing things rise to the surface such as this 21st Century Service offered by Hotel Marta.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Silvia




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