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How a simple stroll along the Coast can be so rich in many ways! | Malta

To gain an impression of the history and beauty of this island it doesn’t take much more than simply strolling along different coastal areas. Looking out onto the ocean, hearing the water splash along the cliffs fills you up with extreme amounts of energy. Looking down into the ocean makes you think about how much of the island has gone underwater and gets that history seeker within you going. Walking along the cliffs seeing different coastal towers and ancient buildings makes you ponder about the cultural influence this island has seen.

Along the cliffs of Malta you will find many different coastal towers which were built during the 17th century by the knights of Malta aiming to help protect the island. How did this work? When invading ships were spotted in the water a fire signal was started and this was continued by the next tower and the next. It was their form of communication back in the day.

It is extremely energizing to simply watch the waves splash on the rocks or looking out onto the ocean! Lift your energy through nature!

You will also encounter many beautiful different types of plants such as the “gaia peace grove” a symbol for peace.

Seeing the amount of rocks underwater raises a lot of questions about how much of the island has gone underwater over the years. Since it is said that Malta, Gozo and Comino were once one country and post ice age became 3 islands looking out into the ocean does make you think!

Whether you explore the cliffs on a beautiful sunny day or a stormy one the views are simply spectacular! By simply observing nature, walking around and seeing what ancient building you stumble across you can learn so much! Such a simply thing giving you such deep insights!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder


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