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How to truly BE in the moment!

Nothing else is real, except for this precise moment, and by replaying the past or thinking of the future, we are merely living through our minds and not through the actual moment. Our mind being such a complex tool, can quickly steer the direction of our thoughts. This is why its so important to learn how the human actually functions in order for you to take full control of your own life and truly thrive. In this article I’ll be talking about what makes it so hard to sometimes live in the actual moment and then ill be sharing 3 ways how to help you live in this moment.

What makes it hard to live in the present moment?

Sometime you can be so stuck in the past or future and constantly be thinking about things that happened or things that will happen that your mind takes the best of you. Your mind can be so full and busy that nothing in the present moment can actually keep you grounded and you are constantly taken by your thoughts.

Truly think about it, your thoughts are in your mind. Your thoughts based on previous or future situations are also in your mind. Yet being in this exact moment without wandering of in our own minds to the past or the future is where reality is happening.

The issue with this is, where your focus goes your energy goes. And so by being stuck in the past your life energy goes to past scenarios which already happened, but you cannot change. Don’t get my wrong its great to analyze something to change the outcome of another similar situation when it arrives, however to steer around, replaying the past does no one any good and your life energy goes there.

It’s the same with the future, you cannot control the future, you can align yourself I the present moment to navigate the direction you are moving towards, but that’s done in the present moment, and by thinking merely of future situations you are projecting, and projecting yourself is also creating a film in your head but does not correspond reality.

Being in the past causes depression, being in the future causes anxiety, being in the moment causes stillness. And its in stillness where we can energetically align with a beautiful fun life.

Being in the past

When we have unhealed wounds within us, we tend to easily repeat situations in our head, we go over and over what happened, what could have been done differently, we analyze. All this is doing, is living in the past. What happened, happened, you cant change that. But you can use situations as opportunities so lessons to help you grow in the present moment.

Being in the future

We focus on future scenarios hoping they will happen. We can think “I wish this will happen or that” or even if there are so many unhealed wounds within, we can think of the worst scenarios and be in a state of fear which is simply terrible and this can cause severe anxiety.

So it is great to be aware of past situations and learn the lessons from them and its great to position yourself energetically in this present moment to head into a future direction which serves you best.

So lets look at 3 ways how to truly live in the present moment, as once you master this you can influence the energetic alignment of your present state to navigate where you are heading in the future 😉

Of course healing old wounds, and healing your inner child and reconnecting with your true authentic self by reprograming your subconscious mind, will truly allow you to stop living in the past and future but to live in the present. However, regardless of your healing journey here are 3 activities you can do, which in a sense are “healing activities” but anyone can do them at any stage of their life journey. The aim of these 3 exercises is to provide anyone at any stage with 3 super helpful tips.

3 ways how to truly live in the present moment

Its about calming the mind. Not letting the brain machine take over and guide you, but your true self using this vessel. Easier said than done, I know!

1. Breathing – some breathwork exercises

3 rows of breath of fire and alkaline breathing, with different speeds and holding your breath – a combination of breathwork shuts everything of in the mind. If you haven’t tried it, check out some simple free exercises on YouTube, its such a great tool!

2. Free flow dancing – to high vibrational music

Dancing – free flow dancing. The kind of dancing where you have elevated music on (so of high frequency, once again you can find plenty of this music on YouTube) you shut your mind of and simply feel the sound and move to it and start breathing with the movements – its so elevating and I can only recommend this ( I might do a video about this at one point).

3. Walking consciously

Do this barefoot, and place one foot in front of the other super slowly, where your tip of the foot touches the ground first and then the back of the foot. You consciously focus on each part of your foot touching the ground. Do this bear foot, preferably in nature ( coz you’ll get the high vibrations and elevated energy from nature, also known as earthing) if you don’t have nature around you, no problem, do it in your apartment, and preferably walking in an 8 structure, which is also the infinity sign.

Basically its about doing an activity which requires 100% of your attention. Its also important to discern between an activity creating distraction and one asking for focus, like a video game distracts and putting together furniture peace requires focus make sense? This is also not a leisure activity like running or hiking, which are great but many people tend to think during these activities.

Since all our brains are differently wired, different things will work for one person but not the other, so it’s about finding what captures your full attention and works for you. By doing an activity where all your focus is on the present moment, thoughts fully get out of your head.

In the end of the day, to truly live in the present moment, its about calming your mind. Its about clearing all the baggage of the past and allowing the future to unfold with assurance that life is happening for you and your highest well-being. And that by being in the present moment, without allowing your own mind to take control of your life you can align your energy in this present moment to help create an amazing life constantly in the present moment.

I also purposely did not mention meditation, because this general form of meditation which is spoken about so widely where you sit and try to calm your mind is so hard for many people, so before truly finding use of meditating, find practices which are meditating. So these different exercises are meditating, remember we are all different and meditation can be found in so many different activities – for example like staring at the sun (sungazing) during the last 10 minutes before sundown, that is an actual meditation.

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel


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