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ISWARI | Superfoods of the 21st Century

Awaken the goddess within you! Iswari, meaning “goddess” in ancient Sanskrit, it is truly a 21st Century Brand where health, flavor and wisdom meets nature.

The world of Iswari

Iswari is originally a Portuguese brand founded in 2010 bringing the energy from nature to people! Organic, vegan, gluten-free using only natural sugars, Iswari products are true gold for your body!

These products primarily aimed to change people’s lifestyles, and how they did! Starting off with a family production in Portugal, word spread quickly about the products health benefits. More and more people were using them to improve their wellbeing and today are sold in over 18 countries around the world. It comes as no surprise the brand is a global leader in the superfood market!

With a great number of Iswari products being packaged ecologically and sustainably in Portugal, all products respect European standards of organic production. Certified by the Vegan Society Trademark they are also Fairtrade products.

To read in more about the brand have a look at their official website. (

Iswari products

With over 50 products, Iswari offers different type of superfoods which are high in micronutrients delivering great health benefits, truly giving your body strength, power and energy through nature! The different products are perfect to add into any meal throughout the day as well as for regeneration purposes for athletes or people looking to detox!

The selection is so great, once you start to have a few Iswari products, the range at home accumulates. The brand truly provides you with products which allow you to improve your wellbeing and lifestyle.

To name a few, there are breakfast mixes such as “the awakening of the Buddha” or for kids “the little Buddha” containing fruit pieces and granola. Proteins, organic supplements and detox superfoods such as chlorella, moringa or matcha powder. An alternative to coffee such as macaccinos, chocolates, energy bars and so much more!

Iswari Suisse

Iswari Suisse was introduced only a few years ago in Switzerland and has seen a tremendous success. Today products are sold in various locations all around the country, from shopping centers, local shops to gyms and even in pharmacies. Of course, many people enjoy buying Iswari Suisse products through their online shop.

Diverse Recipes

The products are great for various uses. There are so many different type of recipes which can be made using Iswari products. From toppings in salads, yogurts all the way to making smoothies. I have personally used Iswari products for over two years now and absolutely love their products! Having made diverse recipes, I often add Iswari products in smoothies I make. For a little inspiration have a look at the video below where I am making a smoothie using the delicious moringa!

Most of all Iswari superfoods are incredible supplements to have for 21st Century people who are looking to stay fit and healthy in their busy lifestyles! The brand Iswari has packed natures energy into an ecological package making it so easy to stay healthy!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder




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