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Midsummer storms, the fascinating spectacles of nature over Lac Leman, Switzerland

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Vevey, Switzerland

Switzerland has some spectacular weather phenomena during the year, but the august midsummer storms are a spectacle of their own to watch.

The wind is refreshing, the raindrops are warm, the thunder is a melody to the ears and the lightning a vision to the eyes.

In the Romandie, spending time at the Lake Geneva during summer, gives you a real feeling of paradise. Being Europe’s' biggest lake, there's so much to do from all sorts of water sports, to simply relaxing and admiring the view.

However, do not be fooled by nature. Within minutes the calm relaxing water can take a wild 180° turn and make you believe you are standing at the hectic shores of the Ocean.

Voila, a video showing you how quick and beautifully the weather change happens. Enjoy seeing the shores of Lake Geneva on a midsummer storm!

I am a risk taker and highly enjoy adventure, especially related to nature. On the 6th of August 2018, I went out on the lake with my SUP, taking in the summery 31°. With such beautiful sun shining in the all-round blue sky, I let myself drift and partially fell asleep. What could possibly happen?

As I am shaken awake by waves, splashing water on my face, my eyes open and I look up. The blue sky has been joined by some massive clouds, followed by a deep dark in the seeable distance.

To my surprise, I was nowhere near the initial spot I had dozed off at. And that’s the power of the lake. The calm water can take such quick turns and add a super strong current pushing you wherever it wants to. Perfect little reminder, human has no chance against nature!

Since there were 3 other boats in my surrounding, I figured it's safe to stay.

With the thunder getting louder and louder, but the sun still being so apparent on the other side of the sky, it was hard to tell if it was actually going to storm or if the storm would simply pass by.

Very quickly, the waves got stronger and bigger, and there was no more doubt, the storm was on its way! I made my way back to land and within one minute of being back on shore, one strong blow of wind came, letting you know the storm is starting now.

It was a true spectacle! On one side of the sky you had this bright, striking sun shine down on the lake, almost blinding you when looking at its reflection. And on the other side, was a humungous pitch black dark hovering over the lake.

The waves started getting more and more powerfull and all people standing at the shores of the lake were almost blown away by the strength of the wind.

Watching the waves hit the walls like the ocean was spectacular!



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