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Protect your energy!

Are you somebody who is full of energy who has this natural ability to make others feel energized and full of light, simply through your presence? Well, then its so important to protect your own energy, be more cautious of who has access to your energy and how to recharge, to use this natural talent of yours!

In this article, I'll be talking about how to be more selective of who gets your energy and how to cleanse and recharge your energetic field so you can use your talents well. If you’re intrigued continue reading!

Now, when you have this natural way of being, it's beautiful to use this talent to elevate the wellbeing of others, because that’s truly what this world needs, people full of light and high energy spreading this exponentially. However, it is crucial that you only give light which you have, that you are energized first, that your cup is completely full, then you can give a little to the right people, and also beware of those who consciously or unconsciously simply feed on your light leaving you depleted.

Be more selective or who gets your energy

As much as we attract into our vibrational field that what we exert, so if we exert high vibrational frequencies, we’ll get that back, sometimes in our journey of experiences, we attract people who are in need of our light. So, they can see what they can find within themselves.

There are those people who you can sense are good souls, but are so defeated with life that they have no more light within them. So for these people, such a natural talent is really used well. You can fill their cup a little bit in order for them to have the strength to start filling their own.

Some people however, will merely suck all the light out of you and leave you feeling depleted. Now these might even be nice people who have unfortunately completely lost their way and don’t even know that they are depleting for others, maybe they do, which is horrible but some simply aren’t aware they are draining. As sad as it is, leave these people be and get out of their environments as quickly as possible. This might be family members, partners, friends, work colleagues and sometimes strangers. With strangers its easy, because you can simply leave, and with others it might be harder, like family members or partners. You could be in a toxic relationship, love the person yet know that they constantly suck the living light out of you, leave you defeated and alone to refill your own cup, only to take away all your light and energy all over again. These kinds of situations, you can really see as growing and learning experiences, to let go of those you love but are no good for you.


Imagine there being a bright lamppost in the middle of a pitch black street. There will be so many insects all looking for that light, so they will fly towards this light and simply latch onto it trying to stay illuminated. Its similar with people, some are so desperately in need of the light which you shine, they will latch onto you wanting your light. And as much as its great to spread your light, in this dark world, you have be aware of how much you give and whom you give it to.

2 amazing ways to clean your energetic field

Sometimes we might have given a little too much of our light and energy, or we let ourselves be dragged into environments which took much from us and where we took on loads of bad energy. So, its crucial that we clean and recharge our energetic field and refill our own cup.

1. Water cleansing:

Standing in the shower and washing away energies of others is an incredible tool. Taking a bath or going swimming in a lake, river, or ocean whatever form of water there is around you is also extremely cleansing. Whilst you are in the water, let's say in the shower ( as this is something most people have access to), visualize the water cleaning your energetic field from unwanted energies which you took on from others. Visualize the water flower over you or being around you completely cleansing your energetic field. You will feel lighter after this.

2. Sound healing:

Since everything is energy, vibration and frequency, sound is truly the one tool which can elevate the frequencies which you cells are vibrating at as well as eliminate energies which might have latched onto your field yet are not serving you. Listening to tongue drums, or gongs for example, will allow sound frequencies to cleanse your energetic field and raise your vibration.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and that this can help for one or two of you to take better care to not give your unique energy freely to anyone and maybe to help you leave those in your environment who re draining for you. I hope it helps some people, be more selective of who gets your energy and for how long as well as more protective of your energy and helps you know how to clean your energetic field incase you have been depleted.

Sending you much love!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel


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