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The Giants Temple | Gigantia, Gozo

The Gigantia are the oldest megalithic temples out of all which are found on all three islands, Malta Gozo and Comino and are known to be the second oldest structures in the world. Archeologists have said they are older than the pyramids of Egypt and even the stones at Stonehenge! However, due to their unique size and different figurines or designs found there, it remains a mystery today what these megaliths were used for, who built them and when.

The name Gigantia means giants and according to locals as well as myths these temples were built by giants for giants. Their size being over 5 meters high keeps you quite in awe when standing in front of them. When you visit them your mind does start pondering about this saying.

Having only been properly discovered by the 18th century, over years of different excavations taking place and some damage having been done to these temples, restauration has been taken place to keep as much of these structures in tact as possible as you can see in the pictures below. These megaliths also made it onto the list of the UNESCO world heritage Site.

Incredibly advanced building techniques

The building techniques used on these megaliths are beyond the capacity of what is known for people to have had at the time based on scholar history books. Which makes you once again question when they were truly built and by whom. The structures were built using the same limestone as the Mnajdra temples in Malta, with the outer part of the walls being made of coralline limestone ensuring a solid structure and the inner part out of globigerina limestone making it easy to create designs on.

Even the location of these structures has a meaning. Located at the Xaghra Plateau the megaliths are built in the direction of the south east, towards the equinox sunrise, just like the Mnajdra temples in Malta.

Headless figurines

When archaeologists explored the place many figurines were found, notably the headless female figurine, which meaning has until today remained a mystery for scientists, archaeologists and explorers.

© Picture from Maltain360

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The temples are said to be some of the most important as well as mysterious archaeological sites in the world, still causing archaeologists and explorers to ponder upon when they built, how and by whom. Ever since I visited this place, I cannot get it out of my head and still continue my research on trying to find out more about these incredible megaliths! That is the beauty of traveling, you learn so many new things you would have never expected to research and some things make you ponder for years!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder




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