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The hidden Waterfalls of Valais "Gorges of Durnand"

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Looking for a new stroll in Nature with an adventurous side to it, welcome to the Gorges of Durnand.

With endless waterfalls, you climb the mountains by walking along a wooden passageway built into the side of the cliffs.

For those of us who very much fell in love with the world of Lord of the Rings Tolkien introduced us to, take this walk and you feel like you entered Tolkiens world for a moment.

Little side note, Tolkien had been inspired by the surroundings in Switzerland when he wrote about Rivendell and the Misty Mountains. But I'll get to that on another blog post!

The journey starts mounting the steep wooden stairs built into the Rocks. You can never see where the path is taking you which makes it all the more exciting!

You start hearing the waterfalls, and just before you know it you see one after the other!

You think, it can't get steeper, let yourself be surprised, because it does!

I can only recommend to take moments to simply look around and watch the water dripping of the mountains covered with moss. It is so beautiful and powerful!

Take a moment, to look down, it's impressive! Also for anyone with fear of heights, this is a great place to get over your fears!

Once you reach the peek of the mountain you have the option to go back down the way you came up, or to continue the tour either by heading back down through the forest.

I opted for the option of going down the forest. It is so refreshing, being completly alone in nature and walking down the hill step by step. You find many interesting rock and tree formations!

And on your way down you'll come across an interestingly gigantic bee. Randomly just there... Since one of my life mottos is "just be" the trip couldn't have ended more beautifully!

These pictures are from Autumn so I'm back in the summer to see how different it is in another season. I'll post the comparison soon!

I cannot emphasize enough, how refreshing and peaceful it feels to take this adventure. If you need a time out, even after work, just head up to these waterfalls, even if just for an hour, and you will feel like you were on a short relaxing holiday.

So i'll end this post sending the message to everyone: Just beeee!



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