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The mysterious canyon of Trient | Switzerland

Let me introduce you to the mysterious canyon of Switzerland. The journey takes you along a tropical jungle walking through a magical forest where you come across a Nymphs Temple and massive boulders only to eventually encounter this gorgeous gorge where impressive rock formations have created an incredible cave!

Located in the region of Trient, near the border of Switzerland and France, you will find a path leading you to the mysterious canyons. Starting of at the point “tête noir” you will head down a beautiful forest which is already a whole adventure itself, before coming across a wooden path built in the cliffs taking you to waterfalls and a truly unique cave. The cave is held by massive boulders, just sitting there in mid air under which the water flows. There is something so magical about this location, it will fuel you and raise your energy by just being in this environment.

Be in nature, energize and explore as much as you can ;)

We are generation change!

Yours truly,

Swissundercover aka Isabel


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