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The Mystery of the Mnajdra Megalithic Temple | Malta

These megalithic structures count as some of the most ancient sites on Earth, some say they are even older than the pyramids of Egypt and many other known ancient sites around the world! It is due to Malta’s incredible megalithic temples why the island plays such an important role in European prehistory and these temples are even a part of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Visiting these temples is an enriching and magical experience, one could even say mystical. The 3 islands Malta, Gozo and Comino share a strong connection that states they were at one point one land with three main mountain peaks, that’s why you find temples being quite similar in terms of construction and material on all three islands and their use remains something to be uncovered. The location itself of the Mnajdra temples allow you to discover more about the Filfla island just a few meters from the coast, embracing the beautiful views over the Sea as well a very fascinating coastal tower, making you wonder if centuries ago people understood the great importance of these structures. The more you research, the more questions arise and some truly fascinating insight came from independent researchers, scientist and archaeologists stating these temples gave insight into consciousness and energy.

Mnajdra Temples

The different structures, engravings and location do keep the question open what were these temples really used for? Were they just a home for some people who had extremely advanced knowledge of building techniques or was there much more to the story than we have can find in mainstream history books.

When where they built?

According to archaeologists these megalithic temples were built between 3600 and 2500 BC. It is with radiocarbon dating and designs expressed on structures which archaeologists determine the construction date. According to non-scholar archaeologists it has been said the type of limestone used to build these structures makes it extremely hard to analyze their exact construction date through these standard archaeological time measuring instruments. Therefore, the actual date of construction is still a mystery.

What is so special about the material used?

Not just the Mnajdra temples, but all temples found on Malta, Comino and Gozo are made of the same unique limestone. The outside form is made from coralline limestone whereas the inside formations as well as the parts with engravings on them are made from globigerina limestone.

When including the perspective of energy being everywhere around you, even if you cannot see it, just like radioactive energy or telephone frequencies, you cannot see it but it’s there then these temples offer another learning perspective.

Through some research, for example coming from the Maltese scientist and archeologist Themistocles Zammit, through his thorough research he stated “that Matla was a place where conscious energy was raised and these temples were structures used to raise the metaphysical energies within the temples.”

Now what do these temples and their unique limestone have to do with raising consciousness? Well, based on the fact that energy is nothing more but frequency vibrating around you, this type of limestone absorbs the energy frequency from the sun extremely easily. It is said these frequencies from the sun where stored in the temples in order to eventually help raise consciousness on this planet as a whole, which makes Malta an extremely important location on this planet!

Some scientists and archaeologists such as Francis Xavier Alosi, with their research have made comparison of these temples being like mobile phones, they attract (the frequency of the sunlight) download it (store the vibrational frequency in the temples) and transmit (radiate this high vibrational frequency in the air around them).

Building link to the Pleiadians and people from Sirius

Taking it one step further, I know this is hard to grasp especially when you have been raised very much in the society we live in but the more research you do, the more there seems to be some truth to these theories. Some archaeologists have said that the temples were built from “the masculine energy” therefore those coming from Sirius and the Pleiadians activated the temples’ frequencies using “their female energy.”

The structures and designs show the ancients had great building knowledge

Spiral formations and engravings

On many temples around Malta you will find structures with these “hole” marks. What exactly they were used for is still a mystery even to non-scholar archaeologists.

Around these temples you will find different designs or engravings as the ones seen in the pictures below, which are also still hard to get precise information about.

Equinox and solstice

Once again, not just the Mnajdra temples but others around the island are aligned with the equinox and solstice and on certain dates there is impressive sunlight shining through some of these remaining door-structures.

Filfla Island and fascinating coastal tower from Mnajdra

To finish off, I will leave you with some beautiful pictures of the Filfla Island and a fascinating beautiful coastal tower built in 1659 known as the Torre della Pietra Nigra.

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Go out there, explore, ask questions, research for yourself and keep real history alive!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

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