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Time travel in the Ghar Dalam Cave | Malta

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Time travel by exploring one of the oldest caves found in Malta, the Ghar Dalam, being one of Malta’s oldest prehistoric sites and where remains of the first inhabitants of the Island were found! Located in Birzebugga, this 144 meter long Cave was formed during the last Ice Age. Remarkable findings come from it such as animals from over 500'000 years ago namely baby elephants and dwarf hippopotami.

What is extremely impressive is that there are 5 different layer of earth holding bones from 5 different time eras. The oldest layer being clay holds no bones, followed by the layer of the Pleistocene era, where the elephants and dwarf hippopotamus bones are found. In the 3rd layer you can find other animal bones such as deer, just as in the 2nd going back 25.000 years. It is in the 1st layer where human bones going back 7000 years ago are found and this is covered in volcanic ash. This cave even holds extreme ecological as well as archaeological and paleontological value!

General Information:

Must reserve tickets

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 09:00-17:00

Price: 4.-


Ghar Dalam Road B’Bugia BBG 9014


Tel: +356 21 657 419

The mysteries of underground Malta are incredibly fascinating! Some say there is a network of tunnels which allows to walk all the way from one end of Malta to the other, underground. The stories around these tunnels are truly captivating but it is hard to find any tunnels accessible. Therefore, being able to walk through this cave and explore its findings and structures is definitely a must for all history and mystery seekers!

We are generation change!

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