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Valmaggia | where Art and Nature meet

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

In Cevio, in the canton Ticino, Switzerland there is a beautiful museum located in the heart of Valmaggia. Just behind the museum you enter a grotto (type of forest) giving you an insight into historic cellars which at one point in time guarded wine and cheese.

The museum itself hosts various different exhibitions throughout the year as well as a permanent exhibition which give insight into the life throughout different stages of time in the Maggia Valley.

Walking through the grotto you can see stone establishments, from stairs to tables which welcome visitors to eat local dishes and enjoy the nature. What truly leaves a strong impression are the cellars built into the stones. The size of the boulders above the wooden doors is especially spectacular!

Walking all the way through the forest you really feel like you are out of this world, it’s literally as if you are walking in another time zone. The peace, the calm, the energy in this kind of beautiful nature is uniquely incredible!

It’s fascinating to see inside the cellars, to get a real feel of life in Ticino at a different time.

Below you will see various different parts of the grotto including different types of doors in the boulders and a few images of the inside of the cellars.

Walking deep into the forest yet up the mountain, eventually you will get to a sort of light waterfall which is beyond spectacular as you have a whole view over the city of Cevio.


Opening: April - October

For detailed information on tours as well as the current exhibitions, feel free to have a look on their website:

These sculptures in the images above, are created from a couple during World War 2. These sculptures touched me on a deep level, as you can see the various families walking along with all their belongings in their hands and on the side you have the “soldiers” assuring these families continue walking. As art is open to interpretation and there is little to almost no information to find about these sculptures, I think they strongly represent how families are simply pushed out of their homes due to political indifferences by politicians who do not even have to deal with the consequences of their egoistic actions and decisions. The sculptures can be seen as a demonstration of how the people, the civilians suffer and lose everything they once called home, during a time such as WW2. It can be seen as a symbol for humanity to learn from the past and for politicians to strongly include the perspective of civilians when taking decisions.

For adventurers and explorers who like to feel different time zones of history and who truly enjoy the excitement and uplifting energy nature brings, this area in Ticino is not to be missed when visiting Switzerland.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder




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