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Wear NIKIN and plant a tree!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

NIKIN is a sustainable fashion brand which started in 2016 bringing you conscious clothing respectful to nature. With each product bought one tree is planted to help reforestation of forests around the world. Designed in Switzerland and produced in Europe, NIKIN creates all kinds of clothing and accessories in a sustainable way and distributes it in an affordable manner!

“Over 1 million trees have been planted!”

For each product 1 tree is planted

NIKIN has partnered with the organisation One Tree Planted and depending on which project around the world needs the funds most to plant a tree, that’s where the tree from your purchased item will be planted. With the TreeTracker you can find out which project you will support.


All clothes are produced in Europe using sustainable materials such as Polyana and Organic Cotton. The manufactures worked with prioritize fair working conditions and a mindset towards sustainability. Therefore, you can be assured that your clothes from NIKIN are created with great quality items and by people who are fairly treated for their work.

REUSE collection

The REUSE collection aims to raise awareness to bring more sustainability to society. For this reason, materials from previous collections which would have gone to waste are used to make the REUSE Treeshirts.

“Reuse instead of letting it go to waste!”

Autumn URBAN NATURE collection

NIKIN recently launched their latest UBRAN NATURE collection. City and Nature lovers, the autumn collection is ready for you! Bringing you cosy items such as this hoodie below, for the more chili days!

With plenty of items to choose from, NIKIN also makes great baseball caps which are 100% organic!

What makes NIKIN clothing a 21st Century Product?

Sustainable: Using nature friendly materials and giving back to nature with each purchase made. Innovative: Coming up with new creative collections always aiming to improve the state of our world. Human values: Respecting workers producing the items and making the sustainable fashion affordable for buyers. Packaging: Nature friendly packaging is used.

It’s Brands such as NIKIN aiming to inspire others to be more environmentally conscious through sustainable fashion which are truly making a change! Since 2020 over 1 million trees have already been planted from the purchase of NIKIN items. NIKIN fashion looks good, feels great and is making a change towards a more conscious and sustainable world.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel




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