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Your mind is a garden, go plant your reality!

The mind is like a field. Vastly grand, even endless at the first glance.

Pause for a moment and imagine this:

The sun is shining, the wind blowing, a few clouds hovering over the field in the sky, emphasizing the beauty of the big blue sky. You stand in front of all the endless possibilities of different seeds you can plant, in your hands. You can plant whatever you wish to plant! And so you start, you plant so many various things from crops to flowers, everything! Then you let the season take its course. You have patience and take special care of each of the things you harvested. You water them, speak to them, walk through them, make sure they are protected and can simply be. Over time some grow, some don’t and some completely spread all over.

This is a metaphor of how your mind works.

Your mind is a field, your thoughts are seeds and you are the gardener.

∞ Whichever thoughts in your head you feed attention and therefore give energy to, are the seeds which you plant.

∞ How much you water them means how much you focus on them and what energy you give out. This then shows which seeds with either grow or not and therefore which thoughts turn into action.

∞ Over time the seeds grow, and changing seasons as well as sunshine and rainfall are a metaphor for emotions, ups and downs.

∞ These grow into big trees and some grow into massive flower fields for example.

∞ Over time the field changes. As much as you wish. Sometimes because you consciously planted a seed and sometimes because a seed was unconsciously planted.

How funny life is. It’s all so simple, yet we have such a hard time understanding. Maybe we don’t need to understand, we simply need to feel. To feel is to understand through a different human perceptual system but this is touching onto another topic.

On this note, I would like to share a little something with you about the word “revolution”. A revolution brings change. If you want to make a change in your life, know that any revolution starts in your mind ;)

Enjoy your gardening!

We are generation change!

Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder


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