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And so it begins... Festival Season in Switzerland Romandie!

Festivals all around the world, are a symbol for freedom, joy and love!

It unites all kinds of people and we forget about any barriers and let our authentic true selves come to shine! So many people simply have fun, enjoy good vibes and share their love for music with each other.

In Switzerland, we have many different type of festivals throughout the year in all corners of this gorgeous country!

Focusing on Summer and Music Festivals in the French part of Switzerland, there’s actually a huge variety of different festivals hosting local and international artists.

On this post you will have a closer insight into 3 Music Festivals in the Romandie. The two biggest and most known: Montreux Jazz Festival and Paleo Festival and a smaller one which is gaining lots of popularity the Caribana Festival. One is the Home to Legends, the other the Woodstock à la Suisse, and one is the festival which lets the Sun Rise and Shine for Music Time.

Montreux Jazz Festival 2018

Caribana Festival Sun Rise and Shine for Music Time

Fact Sheet Date: June! 05.06.19-09.06.19 City: Nyon Situation: Next to lake Geneva Duration : 5 days Website: Instagram: Entry Type: Day passes – watch all concerts on Festival Ground. Option of Special Passes. Motto: BE a Caribana!

Caribana Festival 2017 Main Stage

Rag'n'Bone Man, 2017

The Caribana in a nutshell

A gorgeous location not far from the lake, with two different concert scenes, offering a variety of music genres for all people. families, teenagers, adults, there’s something for everyone! With Food Stands all around, you won’t go hungry during your stay. A smaller but growing festival with such great vibes and international Artists! A must-go in the Romandie!

Montreux Jazz Festival Home to Legends

Fact Sheet Date: July! 28.06.19-13.07.19 City: Montreux Situation: Next to / on the lake Duration : 16 days Website: Instagram: Entry Type: You can access the grounds for free and buy tickets for each individual concert. Special Passes also exist. Motto: Where Legends are Born!

Music in the Park, Free Music Scene

Lake Side Bars and Restaurants

Auditorium Stravinski, Hollywood Vampires, 2018

Auditorium Stravinski, Jamiroquai, 2018

Miles Davis Hall, 2018

La Coupole, House of Jazz, 2018

The Montreux Jazz Festival in a nutshell

It’s one of the main reasons Montreux thrived over the last 50 years! It gave the City a future. That’s how good the festival is. Having attracted all kinds of artists, the best in each field, this is a legendary festival known worldwide! For two weeks, Montreux turns into a city of stars! The Festival grounds itself is open to the public with a free live music scene right at the lake as well as different paying concert halls. With bars, clubs, food stands and international stalls for miles going all along the lake, you can enjoy the festival through various ways, which make it a great event for everybody from families all the way to artistic individuals.

Paleo Festival Woodstock à la Suisse

Fact Sheet Date: July! 23.07.19-28.07.19 City: Nyon Situation: In the countryside close to lake Geneva Duration : 6 days Website: Instagram: Entry Type: You buy day passes or multiple day passes and enjoy the concerts as well as everything on the venue.

Main Stage

Village of Food Stands

You will come across many Street Artists

Stage: Les Arches

Closing concert at the main Stage

The Paleo Festival in a nutshell

This is the biggest open air festival in Switzerland and there is not another one like it! With different stages around the festival, food stands from all around the world and themed installations, there’s plenty of activity to do next to enjoying the music! Each year the Festival has an overall Theme which is expressed through the presentation and installations. Respectful of all ages, it’s a place for families, friends and individual wanderers. With a huge camping area, many groups of friends take accumulated day passes and sleep on the grounds! It truly is a festival of its Kind reliving that Woodstock vibe à la Suisse.

A little Sum-Up

Having worked at all three Festivals at one point in my life, I can say each of these 3 really has their own and unique charm which is strongly felt! It's super awesome to work as a staff member at each of them. It is beautiful how many like-minded people come together at these festivals! So if you’re looking to trying out something new, be a staff member and you will gain so much fun and experience!

Needless to say, as a visitor, you simply have an awesome time at all three of the events. Once again, each has their own charm, with an amazing line-up with well-known international artists and each is worth visiting this summer 2019!

Wishing you a fabulous start to the festival season in Switzerland!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder


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