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Elephant Parade | Where Art meets Business and Conservation!

The Elephant Parade is an organization raising awareness for the need of elephant conservation. In the last 100 years over 90% of elephants have disappeared. These animals are such beautiful, emotional and intelligent beings which deserve to continue living on this planet, in fair conditions. The Elephant Parade showcases life sized baby elephant sculptures through exhibitions at different locations around the world. These educate and raise awareness for the situation as well as the need of elephant conservation.

A little background information

This project started in 2006 by a father and son who literally wanted to improve the welfare of elephants, those harmed and those in captivity. Ever since, they have held exhibitions around the world and many global artists and celebrities have painted one of the sculptures to increase awareness.

Below are pictures from the Elephant Parade Swiss Tour, October 2020, holding their exhibition at the Zurich Central Train Station. To have a look at past tours as well as future ones click here.

How contribution is done

With pop up stores at these locations, small scales of the sculptures as well as accessories can be purchased and a percentage of this money goes to projects aiding elephants. On top of that the real life sculptures get auctioned by the end of the exhibitions.

For more detail

The organization opened “Elephant Parade Land” in Thailand which is a museum and workshop where you can see the history of the parades around the world, everything that has been achieved in co-operation with the different conservations as well as making your own small elephant sculpture.

Often we don’t realize the impact we (humans) have on our planet and animals around the world for the sake of production purposes, commercialization or tourism for example. It is so important that we understand what is going on globally and to keep an open mind in order to move forward to a more sustainable future. Knowing what has happened allows us to not repeat mistakes and knowing different ways how to move forward allows us to create a future with more freedom and compassion for the planet and all living beings on it.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder




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