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Take a canyoning tour in the heart of Ticino with Purelements | Ticino, Switzerland

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Immersed in nature in the beautiful valleys of Ticino, you will find yourself jumping alongside waterfalls, sliding down long boulders and abseiling steep slopes! This canyoning tour, lifts your energy, requires your focus and pushes you beyond your limits. It’s an activity for truly everyone, from adrenaline seekers to adventure beginners!

Discover Purelements

Purelements is convinced about the benefit of outdoor environment and offers a few different activities in the winter and summer such as canyoning! With guides form around Europe, you have professional and fun guides who are super motivating and keep you safe whilst you have a truly unique and memorable outdoor experience!

To have a look at the different activities offered, click here.

Canyoning in the Valleys of Ticino!

From jumping boulders up to 10 meters, abseiling 25 meters or sliding down smooth paths, you can push yourself beyond your personal and physical limits. The tour truly is for everyone with different athletic abilities as you can choose do to certain jumps or not for example.

Being in the heart of the valley, you are surrounded by nature which simply raises your energy! With the musical sound of the waterfalls all around you are truly filled with good vibes and combined with the intense activity you simply leave this tour feeling amazing!


Price: 159.- CHF

Duration: 4 hours

Tour types: Beginners, experts, Heli canyoning, canyoning for different physical abilities and much more. Click here to explore the different tours.

Tel.: +41 91 233 0921

Address: Via al Quatro 1, 6705 Cresciano, Switzerland

Parking: Free parking spaces available at the center

Solo or in a group

You can book this tour in private or you can join in on a group tour, it is up to you! This activity is also offered for all sorts of occasions from team building to birthday celebrations!

My canyoning tour in Boggera

I took a canyoning tour in Boggera, this May 2021 with the incredible guide Mario, who made this experience so much fun and a truly memorable one! It’s an activity where you truly live in the moment as you are so concentrated yet simultaneously have so much fun, there’s nothing like it and I can only recommend anyone to try this out!

Raise your energy, whilst being immersed in nature and doing such a fun and exciting sports activity!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel




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