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KOURION VLOG | Exploring the archeological Site in Cyprus

Exploring the Archeological sites of Kourion in Limassol, Cyprus

I took a day trip, rented a bike from Limassol’s “Nextbike”, drove for 2 hours in over 30degrees to get to the archeological sites. Once I was there I explored the various different historical sites. Near the end to my trip there was also a fire which started on the mountain close by and I took some footage of how the fire was extinguished by planes. Shortly after I biked back.

I can only recommend this site. If you are an explorer and love seeing different parts of history and have the chance to visit Limassol, then make sure to put the Archeological sites of Kourion on your list. Its truly an explorers paradise!

Thank you for watching and hope you enjoyed this vlog!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder

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