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New Air in the Sky! Solar Impulse and clean technologies in the world of aviation!

Solar Impulse is a project raising awareness for clean technology in the world of aviation. The constructed airplane Solar Impulse 2 brought attention to this by successfully flying around the world between 2014 and 2016 using nothing but solar power! As of 2019, a spin-off project, called H55 has presented an electric airplane which has potential to revolutionize the world of aviation!

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There’s lots of talk about alternative energies, and about its evolution regarding what energy we will use in the future. Not only for cars and vehicles on the road but also for airplanes and activity in the air. Solar Impulse is a project which focuses on clean energy in the sky, a project dedicated for a clean future!

About the project Solar Impulse:

∞ Increases the global awareness about the necessity of change and more respect towards a clean and sustainable world.

∞ The project came to life in 2003

∞ Solar Impulse 1 (2009) was the first prototype testing in Europe, how many hours it can stay in the air.

∞ Solar Impulse 2 (2014) was the second aircraft taking its journey to fly around the world using only solar power and finished its adventure in 2016.

∞ Slogan: The future is clean! #futureisclean

∞ To watch the video following the plane around the world click here

The project Solar Impulse, is led by the Swiss explorer and doctor Bertrand Piccard and the Swiss engineer and business man André Borschberg , both exceptional people bringing change into our world! At diverse events all over the globe, both give speaches and bring forward their knowledge about alternative energy and continue raising awarness about the necessity of a clean future! To read more about Bertrand Piccard's work click here and to read more about André Borschberg's work click here.

The Solar Impulse Foundation is constantly bringing forward new projects which help work towards a sustainable future in aviation. In 2019, the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label was launched just a year after the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions had been founded. Many projects are supported from this organisation and in the upcoming years we will see the realization of these projects.

One of the projects, H55 led by André Borschberg for example, focused on building an electric airplane which successfully flew in the air this June, 2019 in Sion, Switzerland.

Main benefits of Electric Aviation

∞ Cleaner energy

∞ Quiet function

∞ Less pollution

∞ Greater efficiency

The future is one where we use the earth's natural resources and think about how we impact our planet whenever we take actions as human beings.

Everything we do, impacts the planet. Let’s make an impact for a sustainable future!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder



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