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Only solutions exist, problems are made up

I’m sure you’ve already heard this expression “there are no problems, there are only solutions” and either it was in an inconvenient moment which got you to dislike this expression or you resonated with it right from the beginning. Recently I thought about this expression again and it’s merely another form of saying “the glass is either half full or half empty” because every situation truly changes depending on how you look at it and what your given perception of reality is. It's fundamentally all about how you look at life, which makes you as an individual quite powerful because this means you have the choice of how your mind perceives reality. Find out below in the article how to see any situation in life as one full of solutions rather than problems and how to adapt your mind set and way of thinking. You will also find an example and a metaphor visually describing how to pull out wisdom in any given situation and turn it into a solution.

The choice is yours, how you perceive any given situation

At times, easier said than done, especially when something unpleasant happened and your emotions have lowered your energy and your mind starts racing on about how you are a “victim” and your “ego self” starts identifying with this “wrong doing” etc.. this gets you in a thought spiral which creates problems out of a situation which technically was not a problem to begin with. Look how powerful the mind is, a neutral situation managed to get you to think of "how problems are there" all with the power of your own mind. It could be anything, for example, from your car having a flat tire in the morning to someone on the streets being rude to you, to an event being cancelled, really any situation which changes your plans or impacts you personally. So you can consciously choose to not let your "emotional mind" talk yourself into a problem, but rather use your conscious mind to find a solution for the given situation. The choice truly is yours, the human mind is that powerful!

Of course the reason this happens automatically to many people, is because if your mind is full of conditioned belief systems which blocks you from living a life from the perspective of your "true self" then its a lot harder to be conscious and aware in the present moment and thus you life passively and unconsciously react to situations through the lens of conditioned belief systems. Therefore to be able to change your own mind set and live with awareness allowing you to look at situations objectively and not through reactions, it's about reprogramming your own mind, your own belief system.

Everything is an experience, there is no good or bad

In life we are merely having experiences, weather they are labeled as “good” or “bad” is entirely up to how we perceive an experience at the given time. This is also applicable to anything in life, however we perceive something is how it seems to be true for us and thus becomes our reality.

Living with awareness

This is where the whole talk about “live with awareness” has a strong meaning. When you live in awareness of everything going on, you clearly observe any situation from an observer perspective and therefore focus on how you will respond to a situation rather than reacting impulsively in the moment with non-awareness from a reactor perspective.

Roadblocks & changes of directions are blessings in disguise

Do not forget, life is always happening for you. The universe is such a perfectly orchestrated organism, nothing happens by coincidence. When a "roadblock" or a "change of direction" has occurred whilst you were flowing with life, you are being redirected on your path. There are no coincidences, this universe is too intelligent for that, and any change is actually a blessing in disguise. As you are being either “stopped” for you to take a step back in life and refocus or you are being “redirected” in the direction which serves your “true self” much better.

Example your car has a flat tire in the morning

For example, it is morning, you are in a good mood, you want to go drive somewhere, so you get into your car and notice you have a flat tire. Immediately you have two choices.

  1. You get caught up with your emotions and react: Oh no, how terrible and you engage in how it sucks, how you will be late, why this had to happen to you, engage in the victim mindset, whine around, etc…

  2. You take on an observer perspective and look at the situation objectively: interesting, the tire is flat. I will now call the car service or repair the tire myself, or start to learn a new tool and fix it myself, use this time differently then expected, rearrange appointments and go on with the day with no heavy or wasted emotion on a situation you anyways can’t change.

The funny thing is, regardless of how you reacted, in this example, you were probably being saved from getting in a car crash or something not meant for your “life journey” in this moment. Because, remember, life is always happening for you 😉

A little metaphor about a boulder on your path

You are walking on a long sandy narrow road on a cliff and in front of you is a huge rock which is blocking you from continuing on that path. Now there are two choices:

  1. You look at it and think of how you could move it and start pushing the rock, even if it moves only slowly and you’re not entirely sure if it will definitely go away. But you do the hard work, because your intuition gave you that nudge and in order for you to continue on the path, well that rock has to be moved as in this situation there is no other way around it. Now I’m sure a few readers will say - the rock in the path is a sign for you not to continue on the path… (yes, this is all relative, and every individual can only feel from their own intuition what something truly means to them, this is why it’s so important to develop a strong relationship between you and your intuition - that gut feeling).

  2. Or do you stand in front of the rock, looking at how big and heavy it is and start overthinking and asking yourself why it’s in the path and why this is happening to you, and you start developing your own victim mindset instead of taking action and doing something about it.

It’s the same in life. When something is put in your life which is not convenient, you look at it, see it for what it is, accept it and find ways how to remove it/ adjust it/ how to go about it, so that life becomes more convenient for your highest well being.

Like that there truly are no problems, there are only situations (which don’t feel too nice or are not what you want) and ways for you to find out - solutions - how to change the situation.

What you focus on is where your energy goes and is what you help manifest in reality

One of the most important things we can really learn is whatever we focus on in life, that is what we are giving our own personal energy to. And what we give our energy to is what we help grow and manifest in the physical reality.

So it is all a matter of how you look at anything in life. Do you look at any given situation with full awareness? Do you look at any situation from the perspective of your reaction?

So depending on how you take any situation in life, the ones which are fun and then the less convenient ones. If you look at anything that you can learn something out of this, or that you being saved from something not right for you, or you are being shown what quality you can work on with yourself then you are giving attention to improving your state of life and thus always in a solution oriented mindset as my friends, life is always happening for you.

Problems don’t exist, they are made up, just like solutions and each individual has the power to choose what we focus on. You are such a powerful human being who always has a choice, and this choice happens in your mind.

Life is always happening for you

In the end of the day, life really is happening for you at all times. Even if this is hard to believe at times, when very unfortunate events occur or if you are simply annoyed at hearing the phrase “everything is happening for you”.

And remember, if something goes “wrong”, according to your perception of reality, then it is most likely, a great intelligence from this creation “the universe” protecting you from something, shifting you in the right path, helping you to live your best life which you so deserve!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel



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