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SACRA INFERMERIA | From knights hospital to Mediterranean Conference Centre| Valetta, Malta

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

One of the most remarkable landmarks in Valetta, originating from the 16th century shares so much history and today is used as an incredible location to host events! A hospital occupied by St.John from Jerusalem, Napoleon Bonaparte, partially destroyed in world war 2 and today in the 21st century used as a location for events and conferences. Taking a tour through this place of significance I learnt so much about the past of Malta and believe it or not, it was here where I learnt about the healing power of honey!

Originating from the 16th Century, under the rule of the Cotoners this building was seen as one of the most important in Europe being one of the best hospitals on the continent! By the 17th Century the building became known for having a prominent school of Anatomy and Surgery. It was during the time when Malta was occupied by Napoleon in the 18th Century where the French improved the ventilation and sanitation of the building. However due to continuous war, the French left the island and surrendered to the English at the beginning of the 19th century. For the whole century the hospital became a station hospital and was used for injured or sick marines as well as crew from ships. It was also during this century when the British military forces occupied the hospital, where the fever germ “Brucellosis” was discovered by Sir David Bruce, however some evidence shows that it was the archaeologist and Maltese doctor Themistocles Zammit, who actually discovered this.

During world war 1 & 2 the hospital ward turned into a police station and was completely destroyed by the end of ww2. By 1980 the Building was restored and became what it is known for today, the Mediterranean conference center. Fascinating tours are hosted throughout the building explaining in depth about the profound history this building has seen!

It was here where a tour guide told me that at one point the doctors used honey to heal wounds and patients reacted extremely positively to this. Ever since that day, I have investigated further into the “healing powers” of honey, simply by taking a tour through a historic landmark!

The Sacra Infermeria Hall

The Sacra infermeria could care for over 900 patients!

La Valette Hall

Republic hall

Where old masonry and modern technology meet! It is a truly unique and impressive area and this hall used to once be the main courtyard of the Sacra infermeria. With old stone being present in the auditorium the acoustics are simply incredible! Not only have world famous ballets and operas such as the Belgian Philharmonic Orchestra or the teatre alla scala of Milan performed on this stage but important conferences have also been held here.

Mediterranean Center Conference where Old architecture meets modern technology!

If you are looking for a unique location to host and expo, a conference or an event from corporate to private have a look on their website to see more information. The views from this location over the Mediterranean are simply spectacular!

Imagine hosting an event in a historic setting yet with modern technology! Due to its uniqueness it does not come as a surprise that the Center is a member of the prestige Historic Conference Centers of Europe (HCCE)

General Information:

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 09:00-17:00

Price: 10.-


Mediterranean Conference Centre North Street, Valletta VLT 1645, Malta

Tel: +356 21 243 840/3

Today when taking a tour there is a “virtual museum” option which uses holographic Technology taking you back in time by using an Ipad which will show you reenactments from back in the day!

Let’s ensure real history is kept alive and most incredibly use places of such importance!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder




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