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Stranded Cruise Ships at Sea | Limassol, Cyprus

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Along the coast of Limassol in Cyprus, there is an impressive sight of a couple of cruise ships which are stationed not too far away from the shore. It does spark your curiosity once you see the amount of cruise ships in the water especially after realizing they are not moving! The Cruises stationed there, are related to the pandemic but the exact reason as to why they are there is not really known. Further on in this Article you will see a couple of different opinions from locals as to why they are there.

Due to the pandemic thousands of Cruise ships around the world have been stranded at Sea. Now in this Article I will not speak about the thousands of crew members stuck on Cruise ships around the world, that’s a whole topic for itself, but what I will touch on is where some of these Cruise ships go whilst they cannot operate.

According to different news sources as well as speaking to different locals to get more information, these Cruise ships are stationed near Limassol, Cyprus for either two reasons:

1. That it is cheaper for them to port there than anywhere else.

2. They can't go anywhere else, other countries have not allowed them to take port and Cyprus is one of the few countries allowing Cruises to station themselves near the Island as well as tank in emergency cases.

I do not intend to get into politics in this Article, but something interesting for you to ponder about, is that many Cruise ships around the world, are headquartered in cosmopolitans, yet registered in different countries…

The only time these Cruise ships move is when the wind changes, that’s when they change direction. Bellow you can see some pictures of the ships changing direction, but not moving too much.

These Cruise ships have been stationed near Limassol, Cyprus for months, and who knows how much more longer they will stay there. After speaking to different locals, I am still not sure about the exact reason why they are located there, but either way it looks extremely captivating to watch and observe such humungous Cruise ships in the Ocean barely moving!

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© Isabel Buchbinder


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