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The most powerful waterfalls in Europe, meet the Rhine Falls | Neuhausen, Switzerland

Updated: Apr 29

As you stand on top of an ancient limestone cliff in the middle of the impressive breathtaking waterfalls, everything within you stops and all you can feel is the water rushing down, in an electric speed at all sides around you. Watching the water flow over various stones, the striking speed and power will keep you mesmerized for a while. This spectacle of nature is not only fascinating to observe but holds true energizing qualities and is known as a natural place of power within Switzerland.

Let me introduce you to the most powerful waterfall in Europe

In the northern part of Switzerland between the cantons Schaffhausen and Zurich in a town called Neuhausen, where the river Rhine flows you will find the Rhine falls which are said to have been formed in the last Ice Age.

Being 150 meters wide and 23 meters high there is a flow of water of 600m3S in the summer and 250m2S in the winter. This allows you to explore the impressive natural formation at all seasons throughout the year from a slightly different perspective.

There are 4 different boat tours you can take which allow you to explore the waterfalls from different perspectives.

Place of power and healing qualities

There are some truly precious locations in Switzerland, which hold natural healing and energizing qualities which can be measured through “Bovis Units”. The Waterfalls hold some of the highest measurements with 200’000 Bovis Units making it a natural place of power. Merely standing in front of these waterfalls will have an incredible energizing and effect. So, if you currently need to energize, recharge or heal, then simply being in the presence of the waterfalls can help you tremendously!

Stand on a piece of ancient history and be energized

The Rheinfallfelsen (Felsen means cliff in German) is this huge rock in the middle of the waterfalls which dates back many years ago. It is the original limestone cliff from when the formation began and has since eroded very little. By going to this cliff, you are literally standing on an ancient piece of history!

Personal tip – for energizing, recharging, healing and cleansing

To get the most out of this natural powerful beauty and to feel the energizing, cleansing and healing qualities coming from these waterfalls, I can only advise you to take the boat tour number 1. This will allow you to stand on this ancient cliff in the middle of the waterfalls where you can be fully immersed by this natural spectacle. As boat tours head back and forth every half hour, you can literally stay on the cliff as long as you wish!

Protected area

Despite various attempts to use these waterfalls for electricity generating projects around the 1950s, thankfully people in Switzerland stood up against the people trying to make profit of nature, and ensured the area remained a naturally protected site. Even today still, some companies are trying to get these areas to be used for money making purposes and thankfully still have not managed! Therefore, today you can visit the area and enjoy an exploited free site. Of course, you can find some things to visit around like the Rhine fall bridge over which the Swiss train also passes (which must be quite incredible when taking a train ride) or to visit the Laufen castle as well a museum, an adventure parc and some other touristic things which are all exterior to the waterfalls and allow them to simply exist for what they are.

This natural spectacle of nature and location of power with energizing and healing qualities is truly a special one and I can only recommend a visit whenever you get the chance to. Energize and heal in nature 😉 As always, go on your own and explore this magical world we get to live on!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel



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