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The Toothbrush which is helping reduce plastic pollution in the Ocean!

The Good Brush Company’s motto: Smile, whilst reducing Plastic Waste!

This is a company which is adapting to the 21st Century with a conscious product!

Did you know, each year over 4 billion toothbrushes are produced causing a lot of pollution on Earth.

The Good Brush Company produces toothbrushes out of Bamboo.

Bamboo toothbrushes are natural products, BPA-free, bio-degradable and are Eco-friendly. Not only is there no pollution on Earth when produced, but since they are natural products they also have no chemicals on them making them a lot healthier for you to use as your gums and teeth are in daily contact with your toothbrush!

The Good Brush company was created because the Founders believe in making a change! The aim is to reduce the plastic pollution in the Ocean. On top of that by buying one tooth brush, one is donated, to young people in need in the UK. So when you buy a Good Brush Toothbrush you are indirectly making a donation.

Personally, I have tried so many toothbrushes over the years, from electric to the latest designs. Today, paying particular attention to using natural and not plastic toothbrushes my choice of brushes has been reduced. I am so grateful for the Good Brush Company, the brush is a great benefit for your health and it’s also extremely comfortable on your gums and teeth!

Toothbrushes are available for adults as well as children in two different colors. With a more than correct price of under 5CHF / Euro, it’s a great healthy addition in the family. To buy your Toothbrush, click on the link here and delivery is all around Europe!

It’s companies like these, which allow you to buy something good for your health whilst equally doing something good for our Planet and Humanity!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

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The Good Brush Company:

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