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Leukerbad, the biggest thermal spa in Switzerland! | Valais, Switzerland

Have you heard of the Swiss thermal healing village, Leukerbad, up in the mountains in Canton Valais? A wellness village in Switzerland where you are immersed in nature & the Swiss alpine air with the biggest thermal baths in Switzerland.

Panoramic Saunas and Healing Grottos using Thermal Water from the surrounding Hot Springs of 51°C

Leukerbad has attracted people since the roman era and back in the day was once the most thriving spa mountain city in Switzerland attracting thinkers and writers such as Goethe or Mark Twain. If you are looking for a short city break alone or with others where nature and wellness is your priority, then Leukerbad might just be the right place for your next get away!

In this article, I will be giving you a deeper insight into this city, also known as the “source of luck”. You will find out more about the healing qualities in Leukerbad, its history and what happened to this city as well as things to do, the wellness facilities, hotels and my personal experience from my stay there in November 2021.

Below you will find impressions of Leukerbad from my mini Vlog of my stay in November 2021.

What’s so unique about Leukerbad?

Leukerbad offers complete wellbeing for body, mind and soul using the power of Switzerlands nature. During the day, summer or winter, you have different options of outdoor nature sport activities. This can be followed by goin to one of the wellness installations where you can calm your mind by immersing yourself in the energy and healing powers coming from the hot springs. On top of that, the panoramic views truly sink into your soul clearing out any thought and allowing for complete presence and creative inspiration.


Leukerbad also known as Loeche les bains is a small mountain village located in the canton Valais, known for its natural hot springs and healing qualities! The natural healing qualities of the water sources in Leukerbad have been used since the Roman Era and today Leukerbad is still known for being a village of wellness and spa and even has the largest thermal water volume in Europe with a daily flow of 3.9 million liters!

When driving through Leukerbad you will notice a slightly different architecture than in other villages nearby. The city which boomed for a good 500 years saw a financial downfall in the late 70s and thus, most of the buildings are still kept in the 70s style architecture this being in hotels, public areas and the wellness facilities. Of course, everything is kept extremely clean and most facilities have seen renovations mixing modern and 70s styles together.

More detailed history...

Despite being visited by the Romans or having been an international tourism hotspot for hundreds of years, Leukerbad saw some troubling times by the end of the 20th Century which is the reason why the cities architecture is still strongly kept in 70s style. It was not the 4 different avalanches in the 18th Century which caused for lots of reconstruction which changed things for Leukerbad, but it was financial mal investment at the end of the 1900s which changed everything. Millions were invested in this area, however tourism went down, and long story told short, they became the first Swiss city to not be able to pay back its debts to the national government and have since been paying back huge sums of debt, still today.

Enjoy the views, outdoor sports and nature

This small village high up the mountain in Valais, allows you to truly be immersed in nature. It’s a great place for wellness, healing and outdoor sport activities and is home to some truly inspirational panoramic views. Amongst the outdoor activities, in the summer you can go biking, climbing, monster riding and of course there are beautiful hiking trails to choose from, for example going up to the Gemmi Pass and having the whole view over Leukerbad or in the winter skiing with over 50km of different slopes. These outdoor activities allow you to constantly breathe the natural Swiss alpine air followed by a choice of different wellness treatments using its surrounding natural thermal water.

"Mixing daily sporting activities with evening spa time, all whilst using the power of Switzerland’s healing nature!"

Summer activities

∞ Biking

∞ Hiking

∞ Monster Riding

∞ Climbing

∞ Spa & Wellness

Winter activities

∞ Skiing

∞ Cross country skiing

∞ Sledging

∞ Winter hiking

∞ Snow shoe walking

∞ Spa & Wellness

What’s so special about thermal water?

Daily there are 3.9 million liters of water flowing from 65 different natural hot springs into the city. With temperatures of about 51°C, these hot springs are known to contain healing qualities as they are filled with natural minerals from such as sodium, sulphate, iron and many more. Various different ailments are said to be healed when bathing in these thermal baths. For example, improving muscle, bone or joint issues or simply having a very soothing and rejuvenating feeling wash over your mind and soul.

Spa & Wellness facilities

There are 3 main public spas using the thermal water from its surrounding hot springs which offer you a variety of different wellness activities. They all have different bath facilities, Sauna & Hamman areas with different temperatures and pools filled with the hot spring water. Leukerbad Therme, the Walliser Alpentherme & Spa and the Therme 51.

Constructed in the 70s, still in a 70s style, The outdoor pools give you stunning views on the mountains, as well as a covered grotto using the natural hot spring. This spa has a renovated and modern sauna area with 3 different temperature panoramic Saunas as well as a Hamman.


∞ Open daily: 10:00 – 19:00 ∞ Price (adult): For a day: CHF 35.- For 3 hours bath & sauna: CHF 28.- For 3 hours only bath: CHF 18.- ∞ Contact: +41 27 472 20 20 ∞ Website: ∞ Highlight: the outdoor grotto using the hot spring water, a round bubbly massage tool in the outdoor pool and the finish panorama Sauna. And of course, the view from everywhere!

This is the most known spa facility in Leukerbad with the famous image of a huge panoramic glass window and the baths looking over the mountain range. It is a hotel and spa and is connected underground from certain hotels to the spa facilities. It has a new renovated Sauna village which seems to look amazing! I will make sure to report about it as soon as I have tried it.


∞ Open daily: 09:00 – 20:00 (Sauna village opens at 10:00) ∞ Price (adult): For 3 hours bath & sauna: CHF 45.- For 3 hours only bath: CHF 33.- ∞ Contact: +41 27 472 10 10 ∞ Website:

A spa and hotel simultaneously, the Therme 51 is very modern facility, providing you a full round relaxation and wellness experience for your body and soul. It has different Saunas, indoor and outdoor pools using the natural hot springs and different well-being, massage or reflexology offers.

∞ Open daily: 07:30 – 19:30 ∞ Price (adult): For 3 hours bath & sauna: CHF 28.- ∞ Contact: +41 27 472 21 00 ∞ Website:

Hotel facilities

There is a huge variety of hotels to choose from in Leukerbad. With a focus on wellbeing most hotels have their own spa facilities and some are connected to the main Walliser Alpentherme Spa. Click here for the official Leukerbad website to explore the different hotel possibilities (in German or in French)

There is a great choice of types of hotels, some more excluded and some directly in the city center in all different price categories. Most hotels will give you a LGC card which gives you 10% off entries in the village and some offer special wellness packages.

My experience in Leukerbad

During my first stay this November 2021 in Leukerbad I stayed in a lovely hotel called Hotel Alex and tried out one wellness facility, the Leukerbad Therme.

The hotel was cute and simple, with the 70’s architectural flair still present, it was extremely clean, had a great breakfast buffet, with super friendly staff and its own wellness area. The Leukerbad Therme had modern panoramic saunas, which was relaxing with stunning views and in the pool area there was a very hot grotto with the natural spring water. I have to admit most of the facility is very much still in 1970s style, like most of the city, however it is kept extremely clean giving it a cool, vintage flair!

I drove past the facility, the Walliser Alpentherme & Spa which has just as much of a panoramic view over the mountain range. Here there is a whole new modern sauna village which I intend to explore in another article!

The air is so fresh and regenerating and the mountains are so impressive, you can simply enjoy your time there by sitting on a bench, observing the surroundings and views and breathe the fresh mountain air, in and out.

As a solo explorer, my experience of Leukerbad was a very rich one. The energy in this area, is truly powerful, where you simply feel relaxed by walking in nature. It's got super interesting history and is an amazing place to go alone or with others, for some peace and quiet, sport activities, inspiration or just some time out where your whole focus is wellness. I can only recommend either a day trip or a short stay in Leukerbad to explore this hidden gem in Switzerland.

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel




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