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Paragliding over Montreux | Montreux, Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its stunning scenery, especially from the top of mountains. The views in the Swiss Riviera are truly beautiful and the experience of flying over Montreux, the lake, forests via a paragliding flight will leave an incredible mark on you. Experience the Swiss Riviera from a completely new perspective and let yourself be energized by this beautiful environment!

Paragliding Experience

Whether you are a first-time paraglider or a more experienced one, when you take a flight, the guides will let you steer by yourself so you can navigate in the wind (as much as the weather allows it) which is such an incredible feeling. You might even learn some new skills when being so in touch with the air element!

“It’s a feeling of freedom, being in the air and working with nature! “

Paragliding companies or independents

There are a few paragliding companies in the Swiss Riviera as well as some independent licensed paragliders, so you can choose what kind of a guide you want to have.

In my first paragliding experience I flew with an independent guide who was full of good vibes making it a really great flight, so if you are looking for an independent flyer, feel free to reach out to him, contact here below:

Contact: Frédéric Bettex +41 774 084 408

Price: on request ( depends on the type of flight)

Nature brings so much to your soul and these views over lac leman are so very energizing!

And in case you haven’t tried paragliding, it’s only to be recommended, as trying something new is the best way to expand your consciousness and perception 😉 Enjoy exploring this gorgeous part of the country from above!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel


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