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Raise your energy whilst riding along the cliffs | Malta

A truly incredible activity which fuels you with so much positive energy is horseback riding in nature and in Malta along the cliffs! In Malta there are quite a few ranches so you can see which ones have good conditions for the horses and also offer tours and simply call them up to see if you can take one! I strongly advise to go either at sunset or sunrise, its truly magical!

In Malta I was lucky to find a ranch where they had a trekking tour just along the cliffs and some old ruins even! It was so beautiful to be in nature with such a prestige animal taking in beautiful views and exploring ancient villages and observing the sunset!

A horse is such a precious animal its super important to form a little bond before riding and what was great about this ranch, was that I could choose my horse and see with which horse I had the best connection. I would also like to highlight, I strongly want to make sure the horses which I am allowed to ride are treated well and have a good life outside of letting people ride them.

Once again, safety measures are very different on the island but I was advised to wear a helmet.

The views were simply incredible, once again the uplifting energy you receive is magical!

If you enjoy being in nature and like horse riding, I can highly suggest this activity, whether you are traveling alone or not it does not matter as in Malta, you can call up and simply take a trekking trip either on your own, with a guide or join a random group!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder


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