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Stunning views over Lake Geneva from a hike up to LE GRAMMONT! | Valais, Switzerland

The mountain peak known as “Le Grammont” located in the canton Valais, is one of the most scenic hikes to take in Switzerland, giving you a truly stunning 360 panorama over the alps! With spectacular views above Lake Geneva you can see over most of the French part of Switzerland, Geneva, Vaud, Valais and a vast majority of the Swiss mountain ranges! This hike is not only one of the most scenic adventures in Switzerland but also an extremely energetically uplifting one!

It’s a beautiful hike to take between beginning June and end of October, especially when you have a bright blue sky! Here you will find a short clip of my hike (and the stunning views) up to the Grammont starting from a little below Lac de Taney.

The journey starting from the car park “Le Flon” near Lac de Taney will take you about 4 to 5 hours (there and back) where you will climb up to 2172 meters above sea level. From the parking close to Lac de Taney the journey starts off with quite a steep hike for a good hour.

A little side note, Lac de Taney used to be a tenting hotspot however got shut down over the years and now you have different cabanes / hostels around the Lake where you can stay at. Around the lake you will equally find a cute typical Swiss restaurant and for those on the run a self-service cabane with some snacks and drinks.

The really steep hike starts at the Lac de Taney where you will head up the forest to the mountain top just under the peak of Le Grammont and this will take between 1hour and 1hour30. It’s a steep hike but the views are simply priceless and the higher you go the more you will be keen to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature and the views over the alpine range.

Once you are close to the summit you will find a path along the cliff taking you past a farm house where you will find some old ancient ruins of stone houses.

This last little mount to the peak of the summit of Grammont will give you endless stunning views over Lake Geneva, Vaud and Valais! From the top, no matter which side you turn, you have a panoramic view over the alp... and on occasional days you might also get to see some beautiful wildlife up at the top!

360 Panorama from the top of Le Grammont!


∞ Free access

∞ Duration: 4-5 hours (up and down starting from a car park Le Flon)

∞ Free Parking at “le Flon” address: Rte du Flon 1896, 1896 Vouvry !!!Tipp Parking at Le Flon: On a busy day, mostly on the weekend, make sure to go early enough 😉

∞ For hiking without snow: Beginning June until end of October

∞ Situated in Valais

∞ Information about the Auberge at Lac de Taney (restaurant & cabanes) :

With the numerous hikes to take in Switzerland, this one really is one of the top 10 most beautiful hikes with such stunning panoramic views. Needless to say the energy on the top of the mountain is incredible! Taking this hike in nature gives you so much energy and being so strongly immersed in the Swiss alps you will feel completely revitalised by the fresh mountain air!

As most of my adventures, I went on this hike Solo and had an absolutely amazing time! Go out there by your own, immerse yourself in nature and next to seeing such stunning views I guarantee, you will find an inner peace unimaginable!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel




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