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The dragon slayer and healing qualities of the St. Beatus Caves | Beatenberg, Switzerland

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

In the middle of Switzerland, along Lake Thun, located near Interlaken in Canton Bern there is an incredible cave structure in the mountain with breathtaking waterfalls all around, called the St. Beatus Caves! According to legend an Irish monk called St Beatus slayed a dragon in this cave helping the population of the area at the time.

This area is extremely rich in history, mystery, legend and healing qualities making it an extremely attractive destination for people from around Europe. Read on to find out more about the legend & mystery and to discover more about the inside of the caves and the strong healing qualities of this place!

Legend & Mystery

In a nutshell, legend says an Irish Pilgrim came to the area to help heal people and share his knowledge about his beliefs. As he arrived the people of the area came to admire Beatus and desired to learn about his way of life. In order to stay, he asked for a cave where he could live and the people showed him the Beatus caves but explained that there was a dragon living inside who frightened the people for years and anyone entering would not make it out alive. Since St. Beatus was a holy and enlightened person he went into the cave and slayed the dragon. After he defeated the dragon, not only were the people completely in awe of him but all of a sudden, dwarfs came out of the caves who had been in hiding for all those years.

There is profound history to this story and different versions about St. Beatus you can read about. You could say St. Beatus was somebody who had strong significance in the whole of Switzerland and it was only due to the “reformation period” in the 1500s where most of knowledge about him was destroyed. Today, the more details you look at in touristic places all around Switzerland you will find something about a “St. Beatus”. If you wish to read more, click here, for a reference I found extremely interesting, (but it is only available in German).

Inside the Beatus Caves

Entering the St. Beatus Caves, you walk over 1000 meters deep into the Niederhorn Massif. Along this trail into the mountain, you will find incredible rock formations (for geologists this is pure heaven), so many different waterfalls and mini caves which have been given special names for cool reasons, for you to discover inside 😉 Simply walking along this path, you will feel regenerated and notice healing qualities coming over you from the fresh and powerful mountain air inside.


Inside the caves along the trail, as well as outside the caves there are so many waterfalls to admire and simply stand in front of. Waterfalls emit negative ions which improve the overall well-being of any being standing next to it. And these particular ones, mixed with the minerals present on these particular rocks has strong natural healing qualities.

Museum & Restaurant

In the Museum near the grotto, you will find a lot of explication of how the caves were found by divers and more details about the geological structures, animals and wildlife to be found within. Very informative and definitely worth checking out!

The restaurant is right next to the exit of the caves and gives you a beautiful panoramic view over Lake Thun.

Information for St. Beatus Caves

Opening St. Beatus Caves

∞ March 13 – November 14: 09:00 - 17:00

Opening St. Beatus Panoramic Restaurant

09:00 - 17:00

Opening St. Beatus Caves Museum

10:30 - 17:30

Duration Cave-walk in & out: About 2hours

Price: ∞ Adult: 18 CHF.- ∞ Child (aged 6 - 16) 9 CHF.-

Tel:+41 033 841 16 43

Adresse: Seestrasse 30, 3800 Sundlauenen, Switzerland

Parking: Parking spaces near the caves. There is a little walk through a lovely forest from the parking spot to the caves.

There are different kinds of tickets you can get and for more information regarding your visit, click here.

The St. Beatus Caves are a destination enjoyable for all ages and types of interests. Simply walking into the mountain through the caves is such a rich experience, for body mind and soul. Leaving this place, you will feel regenerated and refreshed guaranteed!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel




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