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The healing power of waterfalls! The waterfall of Jaun, Switzerland, 13’500 Bovis Units (BE)

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Within the “Vallée du Gros-Mont” in the canton Fribourg in Switzerland, the waterfall of Jaun, being 12m high, flows directly into the River Jogne. It is known as a magical place in Switzerland of high energy with healing qualities!

There are huge amounts of water coming out of the rock giving of 6000 Liters of water per second! Simply imagine the energy from that amount of water, coming off onto you, merely standing in front of it. It is incredibly regenerating!

The location itself is considered by many, a place of “high natural energies” where you can go for healing purposes as the location has 13’500 Bovis Units!

Often it is said, if you had a long day or you have a cloudy mind, take a shower or simply have a glass of water. Water helps you relax, helps you find inner peace and is the most soothing sound to a human being.

Even though it is more than obvious that these kind of locations have healing qualities as well as the proven fact that this particular location has 13’500 Bovis Units, unfortunately Bovis Units are not yet accepted scientifically, it is however felt by every human being.

Regardless, keeping politics out of this, the minerals from the rocks combined with such a strong rush of water is simply good for you and has an extremely positive impact on the human being, mind, body and soul! This is something to be felt in person so you can make your own personal opinion about this.

The waterfall of Jaun is a place of high level of energy, positive energy and increases your natural vibration simply by being in its presence. Here you can see a video, including no sound but that of the waterfall itself!


For free

Open all year round (in the winter the area becomes a ski location. To enjoy the waterfall it's recommended to go during spring, summer and autumn)

Beautiful area to have pick-nicks or go hiking

Situated in a beautiful quiet town in Switzerland

Has a cute hotel near the waterfall:

It is a beautiful and calming area which is great to merely visit the waterfall as well as go for a hike or even for people who are looking for a quick escape in a more hidden area in Switzerland.

From personal experience, I was standing in front of the waterfall, hearing nothing but the rush of the water and feeling this fresh air combined with a strong wind coming over my body. I promise you, the calm and peace combined with its strong energy is so unique and is such an incredible feeling. After standing there in calmness for not more than 10 minutes, I was refreshed, relaxed and extremely energized! It is only to be recommended to experience for yourself!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Buchbinder




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