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The rocks which cry | Le Scex-que-Pliau Montreux, Switzerland

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

In the mountains above Montreux, in Chamby to be exact, one can find an incredible natural phenomenon where rocks are literally crying! Regardless of the weather or season, there are water drops dripping down all along these rocks. There is a whole legend to why the rocks are crying and it truly is a beautiful one! To get to the rock formation you hike through a beautiful forest where you have great walking trails and can explore a beautiful forest with incredible views over Montreux and lac Leman. It’s truly an astonishing natural phenomenon, such a beautiful story combined with an incredible exploration into nature, to be experienced!

The excursion

Upon parking your car somewhere nearby, you start on a trail leading you up a mountain into a gorgeous forest. Walking through the forest you will soon pass by the rocks. Here you can climb the rocks and enjoy their fascinating beauty and the phenomenon. From there you have a few different paths you can choose to go on. When going up the rocks you will come out at the top of a mountain truly immersed in the forest. Alternatively walking along the path past the rock you continue on the forest trail. So you have options of exploring the forest and its surroundings and as a little tip there is a little bench outside the forest giving you some incredible views over Montreux and lac leman!

The local legend of the forest

A young beautiful village girl and the son of a baron were in love, of course forbidden love at the time. In despair, she was taking a walk one morning in this exact forest and she sat on one of these rocks, where she cried so many tears what seemed like all of the tears of her soul. All of a sudden, a fairy appeared in front of the girl and told her:

"A soul that mourns, Will find what consoles On the Scex, near the torrent; There, moans the one she loves There, supreme bliss"

Then the boy walked into the forest, towards the girl and they sat on the rocks where he told her, his father forbid them from being together due to their different social statuses but promised her their love would be eternal. Then his father came into the forest and was furious seeing them together. He immediately told his guards to get his son, then the girl interfered and begged him not to throw his son into prison, so the father replied “the day these rocks start crying is the day I let you two be together”. The fairy in the distance taped the rocks and all of a sudden, the rocks started getting humid and drops were falling from all sides. And so, everybody started screaming “the rocks are crying!” As the father promised their love was allowed and ever since that day the fairy was never seen again… So goes the legend of the Scex-que-Pliau!

Did you know: In 1982 there was a musical play performed in the place du Marché in Montreux based on this legend.


∞ Free access

∞ Parking near by

∞ Open all year round

∞ Beautiful area to take long walks or have pick-nicks

∞ Situated above Montreux

Address: Chemin du Scex que Pliau, 1832 Montreux

There are no coincidences: side story to how I stumbled across these rocks!

I do not believe in coincidences, and the story of how I discovered these rocks in correlation to the legend makes me laugh so much, that I feel it should be shared!

One day, as I was going through some heavy stuff, I was kind of in despair so I went for a walk, somewhere I had no idea where I was going, I was crying and I couldn’t stop, I think I had been crying for a few days and on that day I really couldn’t stop. So walking up this path into a forest I had never been in, I turned a corner and came across these rocks. The second I saw them I stood still and burst out into even more tears, crying my living soul out at maximum level. Something came over me which I cannot explain, like a “stress-reliver” button was pushed within me the second I stood there which made all my tears pour out like crazy!

On my way back I researched where I had just been and there, I found it, the crying rocks. I had to laugh so much! And upon reading the legend and based on what I was going through at the time, I had to laugh even more! The day I simply can’t stop crying is the day I find the crying rocks! Now if you think that’s a coincidence…. I think not! Bonjour synchronicity, plus bonjour beautiful new location to explore in the ups of Montreux city!

The message I can leave you here with is, always go do something when you are going through stuff, move that energy within you and the universe will deliver a beautiful synchronicity allowing you to discover an incredible new exploration and give you exactly what you need at the right time!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel




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