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Gorges de Chauderon | Montreux, Switzerland

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

In the heart of the old town in Montreux you will find a revitalizing and adventurous journey along the Gorges de Chauderon! The wild nature and exotic plantations to be found along a 2-hour hiking path makes you feel like you are walking through a tropical country. It has such a unique feel about it and is truly a hidden gem in the city of Montreux!

When starting on the path in old town Montreux, eventually you enter the Gorges de Chauderon where you will have different paths to choose from leading you to different areas of the mountains nearby. Equally, there is a 1055 step staircase called Sentier du Télègraphe leading you to the top of a mountain to the city Glion with a breathtaking overview of Lac Leman.

Sentier du Télègraphe

An active walk going up 1055 steps where you have diverse spots giving you incredible views over Montreux.

Gorges du Chauderon

The walk into the gorges can lead you into different directions depending which path you take. You will walk along adventurous paths, beautiful river formations, refreshing waterfalls and find tropical plantations dangling down from the cliffs.


∞ Free access

∞ Parking near by

∞ Open all year round

∞ Beautiful area to take long walks or have pick-nicks

∞ Situated in the heart of the old town in Montreux

The Gorges de Chauderon truly are a hidden gem in Montreux. This incredible location makes you feel like you have left Switzerland and entered a tropical country and on top of that taking a walk here will make you feel revitalized and energized! So let’s go out there and immerse in nature!

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel



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