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Mysteries inside Swiss Mountains | The Caves of Vallorbe | Switzerland

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

At the border between Switzerland and France, in Vallorbe, canton Vaud, the biggest natural caves in Switzerland are to be found. These caves with an origin dating back to 7 million years take you a couple of hundred meters into the mountains and have incredible ancient geological formations. The light used in all of the passageway creates such a magical atmosphere, the immensity of some of these caves is truly astonishing and the air and energy to be felt in these surroundings is so incredible that visiting these caves will have a powerful impact on you!

With an underground river flowing through the caves you are constantly accompanied by the sound of water. By the end of the passageway, you enter the a chamber known as the natural cathedral over 30meters high which has such an impressive acoustic in which you experience a light and sound show. When I went, I was surprised by a little concert from alphorns which was a truly spectacular experience as the acoustic in this area is beyond incredible!

Some history in a nutshell:

It is estimated that the origin of the caves stems from 7 million years ago! Discovered in 1779 and fully explored between 1893 and 1961 allowing entry to the public only by 1974! Today one third of the caves can be explored by walking through a created passageway.

Legend also says there are fairies living in these caves as well as some in the surrounding areas of Vallorbe. Since only 1 third of the caves are able to be explored by the public, who knows what mysteries lie in the other 2 thirds of these ancient caves!

Walk through the forest before getting to the Caves

Into the Caves

Geological formations

Breathtaking huge chamber with an Alphorn Concert

Information for The Caves of Vallorbe

Opening Time:

∞ April – October: 09:30 - 16:30

(June, July & August open until 17:30)

∞ November and March: 13:30 – 16:00

Duration Cave-walk in & out: Between 1 - 2 hours

∞ Adult: 16 CHF.- ∞ Child (aged 6 - 16) 8 CHF.-

Tel:+41 021 843 22 74

Adresse: Grottes de VallorbeChemin de la résurgence 1, 1337 Vallorbe, Switzerland

Parking: Parking spaces near the caves. There is a 5 minute walk through a lovely forest from the parking spot to the caves.

For more detailed information regarding your visit or special events click here.

A little tip: it gets quite cold inside about 10 degrees, so make sure to take something warm with you!

Entering these caves makes you forget all about time for a moment! It is such a spectacular exploration for all ages and provides such beautiful insight into geological history! Most of all taking a journey through these caves makes you feel extremely refreshed and has those mountain healing qualities 😉

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel




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