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Walk energetic Spirals and Labyrinths to raise your energy!

There are spiral and labyrinth patterns to be found around the world, in nature built from stones or into the floor of important historic structures. At first glance, they may not mean much out of the ordinary, but when you look into them a little closer, you will come across some fascinating discoveries! These different structures in purposeful geometric shapes, created in and inspired by nature, serve to raise your overall energy. How? By walking them!

The power of walking

We have all seen or heard of that “penseur” (thinker) who is pacing up and down, as this is a practice helping in contemplation. In ancient times, walking in spiral or in labyrinth patterns was seen as quite the normal activity. Nowadays, in western society, the only kind of people coming to mind when thinking of pacing, are thinkers, philosophers, or monks.

Walking is way more powerful than we know. Just like most basic things, such as how to breath, sleep, eat, drink, think and be, in western society walking is one of these basic human activities we seem to have “forgotten how to do correctly”.

Walking first of all barefoot ( article about earthing) whilst being in contact with nature has scientifically been proven to balance the negative and positive ions within the body and thus “making you feel grounded”. By walking slowly and placing your tip toes on the ground first, followed by the balm, observing your physical body and simply focusing on the activity of "walking" allows you to consciously walk, which will bring you a very different experience than you might be used to. Just give walking barefoot, in a spiral, in the nearest piece of nature around you, a try. This will make sense, once you finished the article. 😉

Spirals and Labyrinths walks

The spiral pattern itself is an ancient alchemic symbol representing evolution.

The origin of the universe started through a spiral and anything created in the universe, stems from a spiral pattern. Swirling galaxies, plants, insects, snails, shells, horns, anything with the Fibonacci sequence, it is the base of creation within the universe.

A spiral shows constant evolution, and it shows everything experienced will always come around in layers and you will revisit each layer again simply from a higher perspective of consciousness. Like a metaphor of life. You constantly end up in an experience triggering the same emotions, or in situations which seem repeating themselves, yet on a higher level, on a more evolved level of consciousness, until there are no more layers.

Walking a spiral has the symbolism of walking all that is, all that has been created out of nothing, starting with and in everything.

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The labyrinth pattern is a symbolic representation of the journey and path to salvation. There is one destination, yet the journey is an unknown one, walking in unregular ways, simultaneously on the right and left side. Different from a maze, a labyrinth only has one path and its particular labyrinth pattern is said to be referring to “the road to Jerusalem” and the word Jerusalem is said to mean “city of peace.” So metaphorically, walking a labyrinth could symbolize you are taking the road to a city of peace – walking into your own peace. It is also said that this type of path is one from life to death, a path with destination.

Labyrinth Chartres Cathedral

The labyrinth structure comes from the famously known Chartres Cathedral in France. In the 13th century, the labyrinth pattern was built into the floor of the cathedral. Back in the day, most gothic cathedrals had labyrinths built into the floor, as Monks used to walk these paths for contemplation or prayer. Since it also became a symbol for pilgrims, it is globally still one of the world’s best known labyrinth patterns with strong significance.

Because of the geometric set up of the labyrinth path, it is said to be interlinked with higher points of energy due to the formations of both the right and left side. These activate certain parts in your brain which allow for inner peace and to enter a meditative state.

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How does walking an Energy Path impact YOU?

Walking in specific patterns is a tool to relax the mind and reprogram the subconscious mind since there is a physical exercise done, through repetition. You are releasing the old pattern & implementing a new pattern and this shifts the inner balance and thus your overall alignment.

Walking in a spiral or labyrinth way, allows energy to be cultivated and moved internally in a certain direction. Walking around in a spiral pattern serves as a function to raise the energy in your body and certain labyrinth patterns, such as the labyrinth of Chartres allows for certain areas in the brain to be (re)activated and elevated.

  • Assists in increasing our consciousness, assists in our brain structure – through walking in repetitive patterns.

  • Shifts and balances your overall energy field.

  • Impact on your brain structure.

It is scientifically proven, by bioenergetics, that the spiral and labyrinths have their own energy field surrounding them which can influence the energy field of the human being. The activity in the brain is also impacted, thus walking them can have profound subconscious effects. A little side note, in different martial arts or tai chi, these practices have also been integrated, for example in qigong practices, they do circle walking.

The Energy Field

There is an energy field surrounding the planet and thus, surrounding any living organism from humans and animals, all the way to plants and stones. (article explaining what energy and the field is). The frequency at which cells within a body vibrate at, depends on the energetic circuit which is surrounding the body, as well as the one which is running through the body. When we have certain blocked or unbalanced energy around or within us, it can cause low energy or a halt energy flowing naturally.

Due to the geometric forms of the spirals and labyrinths, the patterns will create their own energetic field which surrounds the structure. Walking in certain patterns in specific locations in the world, can strongly influence our own individual energy field which surrounds our own body. By being in the physical presence of an energetic field created in very specific geometric patterns, it can increase or change the frequency your energy field vibrates at, elevate your own energy field and assist in balancing any energetic blocks.

These structures found in nature, are either built by components from nature such as stones or gravel, imprinted in building floors or ceilings, or also premade using rugs, so they can be transported to places with high energy. These sacred walks found all around the world, are mostly situated on places with naturally high energy around it, maybe are even placed on top of a crossing ley land.

Walking the path of a spiral or labyrinth aims to get the individual to be fully present and focus on placing one foot in front of the other, embracing nature and being fully present in the here and now.

How to walk an Energy Path

Spiral or Labyrinth, to gain the most from them, it is advised to be fully in the now, and quiet the mind. Walk in a slow, peaceful way. Be aware of the present and your surroundings, look, hear, feel, observe. Walk fully aware. When getting to the center take time in the middle, as this is the heart, the core of the geometry. Then walk it out again, following the exact same path as how you came in. It can be a few km, taking 30minutes to an hour.

You can enter and walk with different intentions or you can walk them completely open heartedly and open minded, allowing anything that is right for you which you need to hear in that exact precise moment to enter.

It’s like taking a journey to your inner self. Spiral or labyrinth both have a core, the heart at the center. Once you have reached the center, you will go out again the exact same path. So it can be seen as a journey to the core of your heart - going internally, and then back out - going externally.

How I came across the Chartres Labyrinth in Fuerteventura

The labyrinth of Fuerteventura, has a much greater international significance than known! Built near El Cotillo, in just over 2 months, made entirely of stone and by hand in 1999 by the German musician Wolf Patton he recreated the famous Chartres Cathedral (France) on the gorgeous island. It’s a full journey of 3km and takes about 40 minutes to walk. Immersed in the middle of nature, hearing the sound of seagulls, birds and the waves splashing on the beaches nearby, accompanied by the strong winds and hot air, it is a truly beautiful time well spent in nature.

One sunny morning, I decided to drive around the Island of Fuerteventura, having only done quick research of some interesting geological formations in the area that morning and there was a quick mention about a labyrinth. I was looking for spontaneous adventure, so I didn't plan too much and decided to follow my gut for an eventful exploration! Parking the car in the wild, I started to walk and eventually I came across this round labyrinth type structure. It was a really beautiful calm site, with almost nothing around it, giving you full view of the sea. Ironically having only been introduced to these energy walking patterns a few months prior, and having seen my first spiral formations in Italy at the Temples of Humankind, I could sense what this structure meant and that it impacts your energy when walking it. However, I just knew about spirals and never heard of a different pattern to walk, so now it seemed like life wanted me to learn about the labyrinth structure. So I put down all my material belongings I had with me and started walking. In a calm slow pattern, up and down, left to right, I just walked. At the time I didn’t realise, but I had walked 39 minutes. I honestly did feel internal energetic shifts, as I am someone extremely conscious and aware about energy. However to explain what happens in a more factual way, there is no “ahaaaa moment” with angels popping down from the sky, and no immediate radical life shift. Something, however changes within for the long run, on a subconscious level, therefore it is hard to explain, but something beautiful to feel. It is afterwards, when you don’t think of the importance of this experience, but you witness through different life experiences later on that they were impacted through that moment. As I always say, experience things and then make up your own mind.

It was only afterwards, when I was reading about this particular design, did I understand there is a much deeper fascinating geometrical and neurological perspective to these spiral and labyrinths packed with ancient wisdom. Life truly brings you the things which are meant for you to see, experience and learn at the exact given time in your life when it is right for you ;)

Walking, something everyone does all the time, on autopilot can bring us much more when done consciously. It is a practice used in the past with greater purpose, so let’s reawaken this simple yet effective wisdom from our ancients. To increase our own state of consciousness, to balance our energy field, to assist in thought process, to serve as a meditative or pensive practice, to unwind or release stress. There are various benefits from walking either spirals or labyrinths in different places around the world. Whenever you randomly see one wherever you might find yourself or planned to explore one, walk it. As you can be sure it is a spot of high energy, it is in these locations where consciousness has been risen, thus expect miracles, opportunities and magic to happen.

We are generation change!

Enjoy, yours truly

© Isabel




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