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Yehudi Menuhin and the Philosopher's Path | Gstaad, Switzerland

In the canton Bern in Switzerland, between the cities Gstaad and Saanen you can find the philosopher’s path! It’s a beautiful walk through nature, which completely energizes you and allows you to explore a beautiful scenic landscape whilst coming across 12 different philosophical quotes which are spread out on the path allowing you to ponder about the deeper meaning of life.

A walkthrough video of the Philosopher's Path

The path

The path starting at a small chapel in the city centre of Gstaad takes you along the river Saane all the way to the cathedral in the city of Saanen.

With a duration of about 1 hour, you are fully immersed in nature, walking a truly serene and beautiful path. Along the way you will come across 12 different philosophical quotes for you to ponder about life!

The 12 philosophical life quotes

The different quotes you find when walking the philosopher's path were given by Yehudi Menuhin himself, before his death.

At many different areas on the path there are benches for you to enjoy the beautiful nature, listening to the soothing sound of the river and ponder upon the philosophical quotes.

Guiding sign posts

To not get lost, there are sign posts which will constantly guide you along the way, for you to know which direction to take.

Who is Yehudi Menuhin?

Yehudi Menuhin is a man who strongly influenced the area of Gstaad and Saanen with his musical and humanitarian activities!

In 1957 he founded the Menuhin Festival which takes place yearly in this area brining world-renowned classical musicians together delivering fantastic concerts all around the area for two whole months, during July and August.

Yehudi Menuhin was known for his humanitarian work throughout Europe and this is also one of the reasons the philosopher’s paths was made, to honour him.

As a side note, something very few people know, he also liked to help out other musicians and fully funded Nigel Kennedys Musical education, a musician who often plays at the festival itself, such as this year in 2021.

Simply by walking this path in nature, so much can be discovered. Next to exploring a beautiful area in nature which will for sure raise your energy, the different quotes to be found will let you think for a while! Exploring truly is living ;)

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel



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